‘The Voice’ Results 2015: Top 10 Contestants Revealed Live – Season 9

'The Voice' 2015 - Top 10 Contestants

On tonight's live episode of The Voice, the top 10 contestants are revealed and Brad Paisley performs on to help celebrate. Tonight, the show narrows down its top 11 performers to 10, which means one of our favorites may go home. Tune in here for the minute-to-minute results, live recap and see which contestants make it through to the top 10 by clicking through our gallery as they are announced.

The first contestant announced as being safe tonight was from Team Adam Levine and it was Amy Vachal. And, the second person announced as safe was from Team Gwen Stefani - Braiden Sunshine. After a commercial break, host Carson Daly asked judge Pharrell Williams to reflect a bit on the season so far and on his contestants. Jordan Smith also got to talk about his performance from last night, saying the meaning behind it - that it's important to be yourself. Then, of course, the results continued to be announced. From Team Blake Shelton, Zach Seabaugh was next to be announced as safe, followed by Jordan Smith from Team Adam. Next up was a performance from Gwen Stefani with her team. It was a cute performances of "You Get What You Give" that ended with tons of confetti everywhere. Following the performance, footage of the contestants celebrating a Thanksgiving dinner with their families was shown. Soon after, contestant Evan McKeel was asked what he does best and he replied with that he tries to touch people with his performances. Then, Carson Daly announced the next two safe contestants to be Madi Davis from Team Pharrell Williams and Emily Ann Roberts from Team Blake. Next up was a performance of "Wouldn't It Be Nice?" by The Beach Boys. Adam Levine and his team killed it. After the performance, contestant Jeffrey was asked how being on the show has changed him. He said that it's completely changed because he can't see himself doing anything else. Next, host Daly announced the last three safe artists before the bottom two battled it out for the Instant Save. From Team Gwen Stefani, Jeffrey Austin was announced as moving on to the top 10. Then, Barrett Baber from Team Blake was announced as safe, followed by Shelby Brown from Team Adam. This meant that the bottom two were Korin Bukowski and Evan McKeel. They each sang for the Instant Save hoping to stay in the competition and, in the end, the singer who moved on to the top 10 was Korin Bukowski who sang "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5 for her performance tonight. (NBC)