‘The Walking Dead’: Everything You Need to Know About Morgan

The Walking Dead || The Story of Morgan JonesSpoilers up to 3×12 The Walking Dead || The Story of Morgan Jones Those asking if there will be a part II, watch this vid after youtube.com/watch?v=gl0ZP6YvCDI Enjoy2015-03-21T00:22:42Z

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead is going to be a special 90-minute episode focusing on Morgan. Are you ready? Here’s quick recap of everything we know about Morgan to help you prepare. Come back here after the show, as we’ll be updating this post with new information about Morgan along with theories and predictions about his past and future.

Here’s what you need to know. Click on the “Next Page” Button at the end of each section to read the next section about Morgan and his past.

We First Saw Morgan in Season One And He Had a Son

morgan the walking dead

Morgan (Lennie James) has had a long and fascinating history on The Walking Dead. (Gene Page/AMC)

In Season one, Morgan Jones was a conflicted character with a young boy he was watching out for. Morgan’s wife, in her zombie form, kept coming back to their home, right to the front door, almost like she somehow remembered it. Morgan and Rick became friends, because they were both from the same city and struggling with the apocalypse. Rick encouraged Morgan to shoot his wife so she wouldn’t eventually attack him. But Morgan couldn’t bring himself to do it.

Later, that decision cost him. Morgan’s wife showed up and killed his son. His son wasn’t able to shoot her either. And Morgan finally killed her, but it was too late.

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