‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 – Episode 5: Recap & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 6

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the 5th episode airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 run. Be sure to head to the next page to get every detail on everything that occurred.

1. A Huge Swath of Walkers Made Their Way to Alexandria

The disabled truck still laid in waster by Alexandria’s walls. Deanna climbed up the ladder to the top of the front gate and caught a glimpse of her people picking up dead bodies. She spotted Michonne speaking to Rosita and Tara. All of a sudden, she overheard someone creaming to open the gate. It was Rick yelling at Deanna to open the gate while a mob of zombies followed him. Rick managed to get inside Alexandria in time. Deanna looked on in horror at the sight of the undead horde that was now close to her community.

2. Spencer Managed to Stop a Few of Alexandria’s Members From Stealing Food

The people of Alexandria looked on with worried expressions as the zombies converged outside their gates. Rick spoke to the folks in front of him to assure them that they’d be safe…for now. He told them that the walls should hold and warned them of the next threat from the group that attacked them – The Wolves. He also made sure to warn them not to make too much noise and mentioned that the ones who hadn’t made it back would return eventually. Aaron spoke up on Rick’s behalf when a community member said that Alexandria was nothing more than a graveyard. Aaron confessed that The Wolves trailed him and found their way to Alexandria. Deanna walked off quietly from the group, which worried Rick and everyone else.

Back at Jessie’s house, she could be seen pulling away the dead body of the woman she was forced to fight. She brought that dead Wolves member to the gravesite area and proceeded to bury her. Rick stopped her and reminded her that killers like her are never buried within Alexandria’s walls. Several community members walked into the food warehouse and attempted to take as much food as possible.

Spencer walked up to make sure and stop them all. Spencer told the group about what sacrifices he had to make to keep everyone alive. His speech seemed to work and keep everyone from not stealing anymore food. Spencer locked eyes with his mother Deanna afterwards.

3. Spencer Told His Mother Off and Blamed Her For The Current State of Alexandria

Maggie could be seen putting something together by her lonesome. Aaron locked eyes with her as he walked past. He spotted a few community members honoring the dead by writing their names on the walls. Aaron headed to the armory and came upon Maggie, who was gearing up to leave and predictably search for Glenn. Aaron tried to keep her from leaving by telling her about all the dangers she could possibly run into.

Back at Deanna’s home, she could be seen writing and mapping out some sort of plan. She heard a glass fall and break upstairs, which caused her to see what caused that accident. She ran into her son Spencer, who was getting drunk to dull his many pains. It turns out he stole a bottle of alcohol and in his drunken state, he yelled at Deanna and noted that everything that happened up until this point was her fault.

Back outside, Carl ran into Jessie’s son. He tried to reason with him and tell him that they should go find their mutual female friend. Both of the young boys got into a scuffle when Carl decided to go off on his own to locate her. Jessie’s son made it clear that he shouldn’t go off by telling him about the potential risks that could come if Carl decides to leave.

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