‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 – Mid-Season Finale: Recap & Spoilers

Walking Dead Season 6

Check out all the highlights of the best moments that transpired during the mid-season finale airing of The Walking Dead’s Season 6 run. Be sure to head to the next page to get every detail on everything that occurred.

1. A Simple Metaphor Signaled The Impending Doom Coming to Alexandria

The inside of a peaceful home could be seen. It was Jessie’s house and her young son Sam could be seen upstairs. He sat by himself after finishing his supper and colored in his book while listening to some old time tunes. An army of ants could be seen invading his room. They gathered around a leftover cookie, which was a metaphor for the undead horde that was now invading Alexandria.

2. Rick and His Fellow Survivors Had One Too Many Close Calls With The Zombies

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The zombies outside of the gate could be seen making their way into Alexandria. Rick did his best to shoot down a few of them. Deanna helped him take down even more while everyone else kept their distance and ran away. Morgan and Sandra managed to sneak inside a house. Deanna almost lost her life at the hands of a zombie, but Rick saved her just in the nick of time. She did injure herself after falling on a saw, though. Maggie climbed for her life while a pack of zombies clawed at her legs. She escaped after getting on top of a safe vantage point.

Eugene got cornered by a zombie, but Tara and Rosita saved his life and snuck into a garage. Rick, Deanna, Michonne and a few other survivors ran farther and farther into Alexandria. They were cornered at one point, but Jessie shot down the zombies in their way. She moved them right into her home while the large undead army outside kept scattering throughout the neighborhood.

3. It Turns Out Deanna’s Condition Was Worse Than Everyone Originally Thought…

Glenn and Enid stood outside Alexandria’s walls debating their next month. Glenn mentioned his pregnant wife, which seemed to change Enid’s mind on what they should do next. Back inside Jessie’s home, her son spotted Rick and everyone else start to gather as they they tended to a hurt Deanna. Jessie closed him off from all the drama, which seemingly disturbed him still as he could hear it all outside his room. Morgan hid in a garage with Carol, who was still recovering from earlier tumble. Carol didn’t seem to trust him, which Morgan understood. However, they had bigger issues to tend to at the moment.

Nurse Jackie sat inside sat in a room with the survivor Morgan kept hidden. This Wolves member spoke about the things he’s done and his wound while Jackie looked at it. He took the bandage off his wound as Jackie got ready to tend to his wounds. Back inside Jessie’s home, Rick and Michonne learned the sad truth – Deanna not only got cut by the saw she fell on, she was also bitten by a zombie.

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