The Walking Dead: Who’s Going to Die Next? Surprising Theories

Daryl TWD

Someone will die soon on The Walking Dead, but who? (Gene Page/AMC)

The Walking Dead likes to confuse us. Just when we think that one character’s going to die, another one takes his place. Sure, when a new character gets some development, that one may be picked off soon. But as far as longer-running characters go, it’s tough to judge when their day is going to come. If you’re not caught up with The Walking Dead yet, beware of many huge SPOILERS below.

Here’s what you need to know.

Glenn Is Still Alive, But Will His Survival Last?

We just learned that Glenn did, indeed, survive. Out of all the theories given to how he would survive, he managed to live by slipping under that dumpster. But should we breathe a sigh of relief and consider him safe now? Probably not, and here’s why:

Greg Nicotero, executive producer, told The Hollywood Reporter that Glenn would come back, but it would be intriguing. This is worrying:

There will be some resolution to the debate. I can’t wait for that moment because it’ll be very intriguing.”

We all saw the episode and, honestly, it wasn’t that intriguing. It was entertaining, but The Walking Dead likes to lure us into a false sense of safety. So Glenn’s story might not be over yet. Consider these theories:

Now that Glenn has survived, it might make it more likely that pregnant Maggie will die. Think about it. They did the same thing to Maggie, letting her think Beth was fine and then killing Beth. It wouldn’t be outside of the writers’ reputation to do something similar with Maggie and Glenn this time.

Of course, there’s one other possibility — that Glenn survives but will be held captive before he makes it through that zombie horde surrounding Alexandria. Could the Wolves capture him, perhaps? Or the villain Negan that we’ve been hearing rumors about? Maybe it’ll be simpler than that, and he’ll see Maggie from across the zombie horde, right as he’s bitten.

Ron Might Be a Danger for Rick or Carl

rick twd

Ron is just too eager for Rick to teach him how to shoot. (Gene Page/AMC)

Rick has a lot of plot armor, so he’ll probably be fine. But some fans think that Ron is plotting against the man who killed his father. Ron just seemed to get over everything way too quickly. When they were standing on the lookout tower and observing the zombie herd below, it felt like Ron was going to just push Rick over. Instead, he asked Rick to teach him to shoot. It feels suspicious and it definitely is, after we saw Ron lifting his gun at an attempt to shoot Carl before that tower fell over.

He might not be done with his twisted desire for revenge.

The End of Daryl or Carol Could Be a Surprise Twist

carol twd

Does Carol have permanent plot armor on The Walking Dead? (Gene Page/AMC)

The Walking Dead likes to keep us on our toes and rip our hearts out, a la Game of Thrones. So don’t be surprised if now that Glenn has made it out, someone totally unexpected dies instead. Maybe Daryl will be held captive by someone before he can reach Alexandria. Or perhaps we will see Carol die in a flame of zombie destruction. She’s a fan favorite, but so was Beth.

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