‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 9 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel is titled “She Wants Revenge” with Donovan and Ramona trying to seek revenge on The Countess. Meanwhile, The Countess is reunited with her true love Valentino with a plan to eliminate his wife Natasha. Get the full recap of the episode as it airs with our live summary, spoilers, official tweets and cast details below.

The episode begins with The Countess standing, dripping in blood, looking at the construction area that had locked away her true love Valentino years ago inside the walls of the Hotel Cortez. The Countess goes through his belongings and reminisces.

In the next scene, The Countess is talked to Will Drake about their wedding as Drake wants a showy wedding while she wants something more intimate. The Countess asks Liz Taylor to order the flowers for the wedding and Taylor lashes out saying that he will never lift a finger to help her after she killed his true love Tristan Duffy.

Meanwhile, The Countess is in search of Valentino and a cab driver gives her word of his location. The Countess meets up with him at a motel and the two are shown kissing. Next thing we know, however, The Countess is having sex with Donovan. Donovan asks The Countess to promise him that he’s the only one, to commit to him. She says she swears to commit to him but that she won’t make the same mistakes again. She then tells him that she’s marrying Will Drake and plans to kill him for his money.

Three people check into the hotel under the name “Storm Cock”. Iris finds their reservation and asks them what they’ll be doing up in the room. Clearly, they are shooting a porn. Iris talks about how she was an enabler of porn in the hotel for a while, but now she was different. She didn’t want it going on in her hotel anymore so she brings a knife up to the hotel and kills the cameraman and female porn star while her male partner hides in the bathroom. Donovan finds her and tells her that she has clearly come into her own. Iris then lets him know that he isn’t safe at the hotel, that The Countess asked Iris about who let the baby out of his room. Iris tells her that she blamed Ramona Royale only, but is worried that The Countess may find out their in cahoots with her. Donovan tells his mother that he’s safe because The Countess thinks he’s back with her. When they finish talking, the male porn star calls out from the bathroom. And so, Donovan kicks open the door and we think he kills him, but that’s not the case as we see later on.

Next we see Will Drake talking to his son about being bisexual because his son doesn’t understand how he’s marrying a woman. The two are getting dressed in suits, in preparation for the wedding, as Drake talks about The Countess being “the one.” Ms. Evers interrupts them and tells Drake that The Countess is not the one. She warns him about The Countess, telling him that he and his son will die if he marries The Countess. Ms. Evers reveals that she loved Mr. March, the original hotel owner, but he chose to marry The Countess. Ms. Evers tells him that no one survives her and that one day soon he will know nothing but pain. Drake orders her to leave.

Meanwhile, The Countess talks to a contractor about closing up the opened area of the hotel that had locked away Valentino, as a “surprise archive” for Drake. Mr. March jumps in and helps The Countess get the contractor on board. When the contractor leaves, The Countess slaps him across the face and tells him that he disgusts her.

Donovan brings the male porn star as a hostage to Ramona Royale’s mansion. Ramona thinks Donovan is against her, but Donovan tells her that his craving for The Countess is insatiable, but that it needs to come to an end. Donovan says that they have to kill her that night because she’s distracted with the wedding being the next day. Ramona and Donovan hook the porn star up to an IV to drink his blood. Ramona then thinks back to her father and when she stayed with him after being broken-hearted. Her parents take her in and she starts to see their health deteriorating. Her mother dies and, with that, Ramona’s father’s health severely declined with Alzheimer’s. Then one day, the house was robbed and two hoodlums beat him to near death. Ramona cut herself and made her father drink the blood to bring him back. He was brought back, but his Alzheimer’s was not reversed. Ramona served him blood from her kills as he couldn’t hunt for himself. He didn’t get any better for twenty years. Then one day, she came home and found two dead bodies on the floor after her father had killed them both. We’re assuming they were helping care for him. Ramona realized she couldn’t let her dad exist in such a horrible state, so she drowned him in the bathtub. After the final death of her father, she began to reflect on the career she once had and how The Countess took that from her.

Alex Lowe is spying from her car outside a house and sees a pizza delivery car outside. She finds dozens of bodies with several children feasting on them. Some of the children are suffering because they don’t want to kill people anymore. One of the girls, Madeline, says that they made her kill her parents and she misses them. One of the boys says they should just “off” the kids who are sick. Alex tries to coax the kids to going to the hotel, but they don’t want to be bossed around by adults, so they leave.

Meanwhile, Donovan and Ramona are watching The Countess from outside her bedroom. Ramona approaches her with a knife while she’s sleeping and The Countess suddenly wakes up. Donovan immediately tasers her as he’s back in love with The Countess. Iris tries to explain to Donovan that there is no love with The Countess and tells him that he’s going to end up dead. Donovan says he never should have saved her and she slaps him across the face. Ramona is locked up in some sort of cage contraption and warns Donovan that The Countess has already moved on to another man, which she has …

Next we see The Countess meeting with Valentino, telling him that they can recapture what they lost. She tells him that she’s about to come into a fortune and that they don’t need Valentino’s wife Natasha anymore. Valentino thought that The Countess loved Natasha, but she tells him that she was just weak back then and thought she wasn’t woman enough for him. The Countess then tells him she plans to kill Natasha.

When Natasha returns from a shopping trip, The Countess tells her to come back to the hotel later on for a girls’ night. As The Countess leaves, Donovan sees her and realizes that Ramona Royale was right.

The Countess and Will Drake are getting married in the lobby of the Hotel Cortez. Thought Liz Taylor objects, saying that The Countess is a bitch, the two become man and wife. Drake retreats to the bar and The Countess gives her bouquet to Taylor. With Drake drinking at the bar, he is approached by James March, who congratulates Drake on his marriage. March then reveals to Drake that The Countess has a child and that he was previously with her. Drake sees the baby and is shocked at its appearance. The Countess interrupts them and tells Drake that she’s going to make sure he suffers immensely for saying horrible things about her child. Drake wakes up and finds himself in a room where Ramona Royale is being kept. He releases her from her cage and the two try to find a way out. They have been locked in the very section of the hotel that Valentino and Natasha had been locked in for years. Ramona then slits Drake’s throat and feasts on his blood as Ms. Evers appears and watches him die with a smile on her face. With a surveillance camera in place, The Countess watches his bloody death from her room.

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