‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 10 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was titled “She Gets Revenge” and the official synopsis reads: Alex enlists John’s help in containing an outbreak; Donovan learns The Countess’ true intentions; Liz and Iris plan to leave the hotel for good.

The episode opens with Liz Taylor talking about all the seediness that goes on in the hotel. He then shows an old couple celebrating their 60th anniversary together to a room. The old couple decided to end each others’ lives together so that they never have to live without each other. Iris and Taylor find the couple and Taylor cries, feeling that he’ll never find love again in life. Taylor also says it’s just a matter of time before The Countess slits his throat and he contemplates suicide. Taylor tells Iris he only has a one piece of unfinished business and that’s to apologize to his son for leaving him. Iris says that when he follows through with it, they will kill themselves together.

In the next scene, Ms. Evers is on the phone with Taylor’s son to lure him to the hotel. Taylor hasn’t seen his son in 31 years. As payment for Ms. Evers’ services, Taylor gives her liquid cleaning soap.

Now let’s get back to the sick John Lowe, who is with Hypodermic Sally, admiring his latest flesh souvenirs. Next we see Lowe interrupting a private wedding ceremony, killing the bride, groom and officiant. He collected their ears and Sally tells him that he just needs one more kill to be free.

As Donovan visits Valentino, Natasha has a “girls night” back at the Hotel Cortez with The Countess. Donovan fights Valentino for the love of The Countess as Natasha tells The Countess that she is a thing of the past for Valentino. Natasha says they no longer need her and pulls out a knife. Meanwhile, Valentino brings a sword to the party. Both Donovan and The Countess are new school, shooting both Natasha and Valentino to death. The Countess will be heartbroken once she finds out Valentino has been killed …

Next, Mr. March is shown torturing a construction contractor with fire. Lowe walks in and finds the contractor’s burning body.

John needs to find his wife and asks March for her location. Alex meets John for dinner and confronts her for keeping Holden a secret. She also tells John that she doesn’t regret her decision, having forgotten about their daughter Scarlett. Alex then tells John about the pack of vampire children, revealing that The Countess has warned her to fix the problem or she and her son Holden will be killed. John agrees to help her.

Later on, Taylor’s son arrives at the hotel to receive the “free drink tickets” that Ms. Evers promised him on the phone. Clearly, Taylor’s son does not recognize him, introducing himself as Douglas. Douglas tells Taylor that he likes his dress. The two end up drinking and talking together all about Douglas’ job, wife, and his dreams. He then talks about when his dad left him, telling Taylor that he’s in town to finally reconnect with his father. Douglas leaves and takes a raincheck on another drink.

Next we see Alex and John sneaking in a house marked with crime scene tape. It’s the last house Alex was at when she found the pack of children feasting on bodies. Alex finds a little girl named Kimmy on the floor when one of the vampire boys cuts Alex with a knife. John and Alex become surrounded by the children. Kimmy begins to die and Alex desperately tries to save her. Alex and John tells the kids that it’s too late for Kimmy but not for them.

The Countess is being questioned by police about the disappearance of her new husband Will Drake when suddenly he shows up in the room. The police leave and Drake curses at her for murdering him. Drake tells The Countess that she isn’t in the will and she tells him that his son is and she is the guardian of him.

The vampire children enter the hotel with Alex and John who put them into the locked hallway of the hotel. The children begin to turn on each other and start to fight. In the midst of their fight, they find Drake’s dead body and a hungry Ramona Royale.

In the next scene, Alex and John are in bed together and they seem like they are rekindling their romance. After Alex leaves, Sally reveals herself sitting in the darkness on the other side of the room. Sally shows her upset with John and John tells her that what they had was real despite what she thinks. The two then start kissing passionately, but John stops himself. Sally tells him that Alex is not the answer and that she won’t accept him as a serial killer. Sally says that she was there for him for five years. Sally then tries to stab John with a knife and also threatens to possibly kill Alex.

Ms. Evers is given the grand present of a clothes washer and dryer from Iris and Liz Taylor. Evers then tells Taylor that his son is back at the bar. Taylor goes to see him and Douglas reveals he’s going to follow his dreams with his wife Janice as per Taylor’s suggestions. Douglas then tells Taylor that he knows who he is … He says that he recognizes himself in him. Taylor asks Douglas how he got so lucky to have such a compassionate son. Douglas tells Taylor that there’s plenty of room for another woman in his life.

Donovan is having dinner with The Countess and tells him how she had Drake killed. Donovan reveals to The Countess that he knows about her boyfriend Valentino. The Countess goes to Valentino’s hotel and sobs over his dead body.

Taylor goes to Iris’ room and finds her making her own tribute video on her laptop. She also has gathered a collection of weapons for the event. Taylor begins to cry and tells Iris that his son told him he wants him in his life. Iris becomes upset that he’s backing out of the suicide. Taylor convinces Iris to stay alive and reclaim the hotel. He says they’re entitled to a second chance, saying the best is yet to come.

Alex brings John to see Holden. John begins to cry as he hugs his son and the three start to walk out of the hotel together as a family, when Sally shouts at them from the balcony in the lobby. Sally threatens to kill him.

Next we see Donovan in the penthouse drinking and smoking a cigarette as he dances to the song “Hotline Bling.” The Countess enters the penthouse with tears on her face. She tells Donovan about her history with Valentino and Donovan tells The Countess that now Valentino is actually free. The Countess screams at Donovan saying that Valentino made her and that Donovan could never be him. Donovan said he had to destroy Valentino knowing that doing so would mean The Countess would want him dead. Donovan says he doesn’t mind dying because he loves The Countess. The Countess then cries, calling him a beautiful boy. Just as they share a heartfelt moment together, Taylor and Iris bust in the door firing off bullets.



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