‘Born This Way’ TV Show Cast

'Born This Way' Cast

New reality show Born This Way follows around a group of seven young adults who were each born with down syndrome. We also get to see their family backstory and lifestyles while living in Los Angeles, California. Throughout the docu-series, we watch each cast member pursue their dreams, navigate work and explore relationships. They hope to share their lives with viewers to show a different way of looking at life in a way not usually shown on television. The series also shows some of the parents and how they manage or feel about the challenges their children face, while trying to help them to live as independents. The official synopsis of the show reads: Young adults born with Down syndrome pursue their passions while defying society's expectations. Now that you're up to speed on what to expect, here's some info on each of the cast members:


Sean is a big ladies man, so it will be interesting to see what life is like in his world. Sean, along with the rest of the cast were brought together by the L.A. community center Leaps n Boundz. Sean is also an amazing golfer with tons of trophies.


Steven has mosaic Down syndrome, which is a less common form of the disorder. Typically, this kind of down syndrome is higher-functioning, which Steven's parents described as a challenge in his growing up. Steven fit somewhere in between special ed and non-special ed.


Megan calls herself “Tyler Perry’s future ex-wife" and she has her own clothing business that is called Megology. Even so, being a film producer is her true passion and she hopes to realize this dream one day. Her mother Kris is her "dream maker" and the two are inseparable.


John's mother Joyce was originally told by doctors that her son "would never be an asset to society", which was very hurtful. John is an entertainer who loves expressing himself through music, writing and dancing. He is also working on a rap album.


Cristina is a hopeless romantic who has been with her boyfriend Angel for five years. She hopes to take their relationship to the next level and live independently with Angel. Cristina's family hails from Spain and she loves learning about the culture, especially the cooking.


Elena is very unpredictable and outspoken, always bringing energy to the group. She was born in Japan and loves Japanese culture. However, she has difficulty with the stigma that comes with being referred to as an adult with down syndrome.


Rachel works at an insurance company and she loves to brighten up a room. She is very boy-crazy and crushes on people quite quickly as she longs for a serious relationship. She is also a die-hard Adam Lambert fan.

For more details on the cast and to get a glimpse at what is in store, click through our gallery of the best cast pics from the show. (A&E)

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Absolutely adore this show…I have a special place in my heart for you from an early exposure to a special young man who taught me about “loving differences”. ♡


I also enjoy watching this show… I thought that the show would focus on displaying these handicapped people as clowns to entertain the viewers while focusing on their differences as well as attempting to give viewers cheap laughs at the expense of these wonderful young people. I was glad to see after watching the very first episode that the producers and editors did not focus on the differences, faults, mistakes, and the difficulties that these kind , intelligent, and emotional people have to deal with on a regular basis. Instead the show focused on each of the shows stars as well as their parents and other family members. The shows editor did an amazing job displaying just how normal , creative , friendly , and how emotionally advanced they are in regards to people who aren’t suffering from down Syndrome. They had normal discussions and resolved their problems when they had differences in opinion or when they came to minor arguments. They are far more intelligent than people give them credit for and seem to do a better job resolving the problems through talking their problems out. I love this show because it taught me a lot and opened my eyes to just how amazing each and everyone of the main people on the show are aswell as their parents who seem to be beautiful people inside and out.

-Megan has enormous goals to pursue and with her being so motivated and focused I hope she achieves her goals and becomes a very successful clothing designer and or movie producer.

-Sean is very athletic and he makes friends extremely easily because he is so openminded and he doesn’t seem to have an ounce of shyness in his body. He seems to be a jokester and seems to demand the spotlight with his confidence and outgoing personality.

-Rachel is an amazingly kind and thoughtful person who has the ability to put a smile on anyone’s face no matter how you’re feeling because she is just such a sweet , kind , and caring woman who reads the room aswell as the people inside it and can spot someone who’s having a difficult time with ease and when she does she truly shows how beautiful of a person that she is because she will goes straight for the person who is having difficulties. She makes it her mission to show concern for anyone who is having a rough time and begins to comfort them with her kindness. She appears be able to diagnose the persons problem and/or problems and before she is finished helping, the person is all smiles and Rachel ends up with another friend. She seems to know exactly what to say and how to say it always resolving the situation. My favorite part of the whole season so far was when Rachel’s mother and father contacted Adam Lambert who Rachel adores and Adam Lambert responded back with 3 tickets and backstage passes for Rachel and her parents. I was so happy and proud of Rachel even though I don’t know her because she conquered her extreme fear and anxiety of large crowds and loud music. She seem invincible during that concert when she would typically be horrified. And she walked up to the very front of the stage and Adam Lambert saw her and followed through with his promise. He walked right toward Rachel while singing infact he looked her straight into her eyes and sang one of her favorite songs to her while looking her deeply in the eyes.
I hope she permanently conquered her fears and anxiety so she could go out with her friends and family regularly And enjoy sporting events aswell as more concerts and such.

-John like Megan has enormous goals and is moving forward with his career of being a rap artist. When he performed during one of the episodes while his sisters acted as backup dancers for him he did really well and he had the crowd bouncing! John like all the others on the show has an amazing personality and fits right in anywhere the shows stars went. John aswell as all the other parents and family are doing a great job being there for John and supporting him and his dreams. Johns mother and his other family members gave the impression to me while watching “Born This Way” that they’re warm , beautiful and kind people who go out of their way constantly to accommodate John and his choices. John made all kinds of hilarious jokes and seemed to put the rest of the shows stars in a excited and laughable mood because John seemed to be such a funny creative guy and I’m pretty sure he gets his humor from his sisters and his mom.

-Steven like the other people on the show seems to be such a kind and thoughtful person who is level-headed ,kind, quite intelligent, and also appears to be constantly helping out his friends by talking them out of making foolish choices. For example he made sure to talk with Sean about Megan and he did a great job articulating his point extremely well pointing out to Sean that Megan already has a boyfriend and that he is going to potentially cause conflict with Megan and it might get to the point where Sean ruins his friendship with Megan. Steven also explained the same thing to Sean again in regards to Steven and Sean’s friends whom they met at church. Because Sean was attempting to go after his church friend Sean’s girlfriend whos name is Hillary. Sean’s good friend Steven also made it clear to Sean that it’s not ok to go after their church friends girlfriend. Steven is such a great guy who works his butt off on top of always being there for his friends when they need him. Steven seems to outright contradict the the popular belief of the public that people who are born with down syndrome aren’t capable of
Functioning within today’s modern society. Steven proves that claim to be complete lies because Steven is more than capable of being a successful American worker. In fact Steven works two jobs and still has time and energy to spend time with friends and go to church aswell.
Steven you are such an intelligent creative, well spoken man who has a strong drive to work aswell as to ensure he has time to help friends.

-Cristina is an emotionally aswell as socially intelligent , and woman who seems to have found a great guy and future husband named Angel who is deeply in love with her just as much as her being deeply in love with him. Cristina’s parents and brother stand by her side just like all the other family members on the show. I am so happy that this show has made its way to A&E’s Television channel because it exposes the people who were born with Down Syndrome Just how normal and amazing these people can be! Sure they have some issues which make it difficult for them but and their families. Watching every single episode except for the finale which hasn’t aired yet. And what conclusion that I’ve come to is that they are all excellent people and despite being handicapped they still are very capable of being successful and living normal lives. All of the people who have Down syndrome on this show are very intelligent, kind, courteous , and they even do a great job articulating their point.

– Elana just like the rest is fairly intelligent and makes friends easily however she tends to have emotional breakdowns which is a result of all of the post-traumatic stress which appears to have really hurt her when she was young. I’m fairly certain that she can eliminate all the stress and anxiety that she suffers from as long as she focuses on her current life and friendships now instead of having her mindset drift back into the past which she seems to relive and suffer again from the past events. Just like all the others on the show she seems to be a good person who needs to go through appointments with a psychiatrist so she can open up about her past. So she could move on and enjoy a great life with friends and family members.