Cindy Kimberly Photos: Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Crush

Cindy Kimberly could be Justin Bieber's new crush. The singer took to his Instagram page to demand his Beliebers identify the girl. He wrote "OMG who is this" on December 7. His followers quickly named her as Cindy Kimberly.

She fast became the most envied woman on the Internet after Justin Bieber posted her photo to Instagram and demanded to know who she was. She hasn't made any comment or statement since Biebs put her on blast in a December 7 post. That photo generated over 110,000 comments to his page.

Eventually the Belibers came rolling in and all agreeing that the girl in the photo was Cindy Kimberly, an apparent selfie junkie. Her profile description reads "My name is Cindy and I get too excited about fictional related stuff." She has 117,000 followers at the time of writing. Days before Bieber posted the photo, she put up a video showing her listening to the first few bars of his classic "No Sense."

Here are the photos of Kimberly that you need to see: