Does Elise Wims Get Fired on ‘Apres Ski’ Tonight?

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Does super diva Elisa Wims get fired on tonight’s episode of Apres Ski? The answer is yes and the other cast members are relieved. As operations manager at Gibbons Life in the luxury concierge business professionalism is a must, but Wims seems to falter when it comes to keeping things professional. She lets her attitude get in the way of the job and though she’s passionate, she loses sight of her duties as a manager. Wims also doesn’t keep her employees happy and says she isn’t there to make friends. In the wake of all the drama, she even managed to insult her superiors when given the opportunity to defend herself, making it impossible for them to let her keep her job. It’s clear to see that the job is important to Wims, especially with a young son to support back home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, time is up for Wims.

The official synopsis of tonight’s episode of Apres Ski reads:

When a manager position opens up, Jim jumps in, but Bobby has other ideas about who should take over; two sets of clients push Jim’s managerial skills to the limit; Kendra confronts Elise about their friendship.

By the sound of things, it seems like Wims has been fired … and that’s exactly what happens at the very beginning of the episode.

For those of you who think they’ve seen Wims before, you are correct. This is not her first time on reality television. She’s actually a talented chef and was previously on Hell’s Kitchen, making it almost to the grand finale in season 9 of the show. So, do you think Wims is more interested in being a manager, a chef, or a reality star?

There’s a reason that Wims has been nicknamed “The Diva Chef”.

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