WATCH: ‘Fuller House’ Teaser

The trailer for Fuller House is now available as of this morning. The show is coming to Netflix on February 26, 2016, but you can check out the sneak peek right here.

The show is meant to invoke nostalgia for fans of the popular 1990s sitcom Full House. While the trailer doesn’t show any cast members, you hear them chatting outside the re-built set of the Tanner family household. Also featured are the scenic familiar San Francisco street-scapes and street views.

The Olsen twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, who portrayed the lovable young Michelle on the original show, will be noticeably absent from the series. Fuller House‘s first season will consist of 13 episodes.

The final Full House episode aired on May 23, 1995. Fans have been waiting more than two decades for the reincarnation.

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