‘Haven’ Cast on SyFy TV Show

Emily Rose as Audrey Parker

Emily Rose plays FBI agent Audrey Parker who comes to Haven for an investigation but soon realizes she has ties to the town.
Audrey Parker's official character bio reads, "Audrey Parker, a former FBI agent, came to Haven on a case and stayed when she realized her mysterious past was wrapped up in the history of the town. Audrey's an antidote to 'The Troubles' - the super powers that plague the residents of Haven as more curse than blessing...Despite a nature geared towards helping people, Audrey's no pushover. She's tough and spontaneous, and willing to rely on instinct rather than planning. In many ways she's the opposite of her true love, Nathan Wuornos - who's practical and by-the-book - but that's why they make such a perfect pair. Earlier this season, Audrey was possessed by Mara, her lookalike, but the two split and now Audrey's her own person again."

The actress explained the challenges that come with playing two roles in one show and staying true to each character. She told The Wrap:

“I had to re-familiarze myself with who Audrey really was and the strong aspects of her character. Mara is such a force to be reckoned with that I didn’t want Audrey to come off as weaker, or as somebody who wasn’t as sassy — because that’s something we’ve always admired about her, too. I approached it like, Audrey’s a little more pared down, a little more simple. Audrey really has a hold of Haven and knows what’s going on there so it was making sure she wasn’t afraid and always knew what she had to do. Always on a mission.”

Emily Rose has starred and appeared in many shows including Graceland as FBI Assistant Deputy Director Jessica Foster, E.R. as Dr. Tracy Martin, Brothers & Sisters as Lena Branigan, Jericho as Trish Merrick, John From Cincinnati as Cass.

Her guest-starring roles include Private Practice, Two and A Half Men, Without a Trace and Cold Case. Rose also has a "cult following," according to her actor bio on the Haven website, for her voice role in the video game franchise Uncharted, for which she portrays the game's heroine, Elena Fisher.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and miniature schnauzer. (Getty)