James Kennedy’s Parents Jacqueline & Andros Georgiou

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James Kennedy is a DJ and bus boy on the show Vanderpump Rules and we’ve watched as his drinking gets out of control time and time again. Now we learn that he’s been drinking away his misery as he’s had difficulty dealing with his mother Jacqueline and father Andros Georgiou getting a divorce. Mom Jacq comes to visit her son on an episode of VP and James’ friends cannot get over how glamorous she looks. In her 40s, Jacq feels it’s time to move on with her life, as does James’ father. James gives us a little backstory on his mother being a model all over the world, but the biggest story is with James’ dad. James’ father Andros and music artist George Michael’s fathers came from the same small village in Cyprus, so the two befriended each other and grew very close, according to Bravo TV. After Michaels established his own record label in the 80s, Andros came on board as the managing director of Aegean Records. Aegean was one of the first labels to jump on the digital music distribution chain. George Michael ended up as James Kennedy’s god-father, but the relationship the music star had with James’ dad ended in the late 1990s as they had a big falling out.

In recent years, James Kennedy’s dad has been working as a music consulting, helping his son break into the music industry and he’s hosted a radio show called the London Calling Radio Show. James has said of his father:

My dad’s an expert in social media, basically growing your look. He understands what you need. You need the talent, you need the music, but you also need a look as well. You need a brand.

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