Jeremy Collins Wins ‘Survivor’ 2015

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On tonight’s episode of Survivor, the ultimate winner was chosen … Jeremy Collins.

At the first tribal council of the episode, there was a deadlocked vote after both Kelley Wentworth and Jeremy Collins revealed hidden immunity idols. With Spencer having won the first immunity challenge, he was also safe for the night. This left Kimmi, Tasha and Keith on the chopping block. The votes were tied with equal votes against Tasha and Kimmi. This meant that Keith, Kelley, Jeremy, and Spencer had to unanimously decide on who to send home or Keith would be sent home by default. In the end, it was decided that Kimmi would be voted off the show. At the next immunity challenge, Kelley was triumphant and won.

Before the next tribal council, Kelley wanted to help her friend Keith, so she actually constructed a fake idol and used her old idol letter to wrap it in … It was genius. Jeremy suspects that Keith has an idol and decides to jump ship, joining Kelley and Keith against Spencer. And so, when tribal council comes around, a new plan has been put in place … or has it? Jeremy ends up back-stabbing Keith and Kelley, providing the third vote against Keith, which ultimately sent him home.

Next was the Final Immunity Challenge with the top 4 contestants. Kelley Wentworth gets disqualified first in the challenge, followed by Tasha Fox. It’s down to Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe, but Jeremy took the win, guaranteeing his spot in the top 3. It was a very emotional win for him. Kelley’s only hope was to convince Jeremy to vote for Spencer. Unfortunately for her, she did not make it to the final three and the alliance won.

The top 3 players then had to sit down in front of jury and plead their cases why they should get the win.



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