Jordan Smith, ‘The Voice’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jordan Smith shocked the judges on season 9 of The Voice when they turned their chairs to see someone they were not expecting based on the tone of his voice. Because Smith has a very feminine sound, the judges thought they were listening to a woman. They were all pleasantly surprised and Adam Levine ended up having Smith on his team after competing against the other judges to get him. Levine called Smith the most important contestant on this show as Smith exudes individualism and promotes the idea of being yourself against all odds. Now Smith is dominating the show and we absolutely love him. Read on for our 5 Fast Facts on Smith below.

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1. Kristen Denny Is Smith’s Girlfriend

Smith and his girlfriend each hail from Kentucky, so the two are carrying on a long-distance relationship while Smith competes on the show. Denny was present at Smith’s blind audition as well as several of his live performances on The Voice, but the two often Skype with each other in order to stay in touch during the course of the season. Denny is often showing her support for her man via Instagram and Twitter in addition to wearing pro Smith gear. Because of Smith’s feminine qualities, many viewers were curious about his sexuality, but he is, indeed, straight as well as in love. He and Denny have been together for over 3 years.

2. Smith Barely Speaks During the Day

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In order to keep your voice in pristine condition, it can be quite difficult when you’re competing on a show like The Voice. With rehearsals and shows to sing at, Smith has come up with different ways to keep his voice fresh. Smith told Times Free Press:

Singing this much is very taxing, and it takes a lot of effort to keep your voice in good condition throughout this process. For all the time I spend singing in a day, I try to spend that much time being quiet and not speaking that day. Oftentimes, I will barely speak at all in a day so I can allow my vocal chords to rest after long days filled with singing.

Smith then added:

I also try to drink as much warm tea and water as possible. Keeping your vocal chords lubricated allows you to sing healthily and, therefore, I am always drinking as much water as possible! The key to success in this rigorous schedule is pacing yourself and not oversinging when it isn’t necessary.

So aside from talking to his girlfriend on the phone or on the computer, it’s safe to say that you won’t hear much from Smith.

3. He Says Coach Adam Levine Is Constantly Eating On Set

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Jordan Smith’s coach is the sexy and skinny Adam Levine. One would think Levine has a specific diet to help him keep his chiseled figure in such perfect condition. This is not the cast as Smith says Levine is ALWAYS eating. Smith told Hollywood Life that:

I look at food and gain 10 pounds. He’s a twig! He has people shoving food into him. It’s ridiculous; usually up to the last second he’s chewing. He’s always saying he’s hungry and wants food.

Other than the eating habits, Smith says Levine is a very encouraging coach, who brings confidence to his team and promotes great energy.

4. Smith Got the Taste of Fame Immediately After His Audition Aired on The Voice

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Smith hails from a small town in Kentucky and he says that as soon as his blind audition aired on The Voice, he got a huge jolt of fame. Smith told the Lexington Herald Leader:

Immediately after it aired, I looked at my phone, and it was just text after text after text, an unbelievable amount of Tweets and by the end of the night I had 400 or 500 friend requests on Facebook, so it was overwhelming, immediately.

Because Smith and his family members were bound by a confidentiality agreement, they were not allowed to say anything about the audition until after it aired. Smith said:

Just to see it [on TV] was incredible. It brought back every single emotion that I felt that day, and probably for them too, because they got to be there — all the jitters, all the excitement, the way I was moved by the words that they said to me.

Smith said that not talking about the experience was a huge but exciting secret.

5. His Family Has a Huge Musical Background

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Jordan Smith comes from a family of music lovers. His parents Kelley and Geri Smith, are both musicians, and his Aunt Amy Cottrell is also a successful musician. Smith started out playing drums at his church, the House of Mercy in Wallins Creek, and later moved on to joining the band and choir in school. Smith told the Lexington Herald Leader:

I think our family’s love of music and how musical our home was — we would sing in the car together, sing in the shower and when I went to bed at night — it was just kind of like a very important part of our life as family.

Smith’s first public performances was at a piano recital.