Jordan Smith – ‘The Voice’ 2015 Finalist

Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith has been the front-runner for all of season 9 on The Voice and he has been called the most important person to ever be on the show by his coach Adam Levine. His blind audition shocked the judges and prompted all four of their chairs to turn around for him. Once Smith picked Levine as his coach, Levine never let him go ... and now America doesn't want to either. With the support of his family and girlfriend Kristen Denny, Smith has dominated the competition. His voice is unlike any other, he has a power that is infectious and he is forever humble. When it comes to the final 4 contestants, Smith told E! News: There's so much individuality. All of these singers have their own signature sound and I think it just proves that what society is looking for—something that's different, something that's exciting. Smith is never slow to acknowledge his fellow contestants. And, at the same time, the other performers on the show cannot deny Smith's immense talent. Fellow finalist Barrett Baber told E!: I think it's obvious that Jordan's the best singer on the show and it would be a lie not to say that. He's consistently delivered the most amazing performances I think the show has ever seen. For more information on Jordan Smith, click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.