Jordan Smith Predicted as Winner of ‘The Voice’ 2015

Jordan Smith should have his own country. He’s just THAT amazing and there’s no reason he should not win season 9 of The Voice. From his blind audition on The Voice to now, he has become a true sensation, as his incredible voice has remained consistently on point. Every time he performs it is like a religious experience, and we’re not talking about the gospel choir that accompanied him last night in his performance of “Somebody to Love” by Queen.

Smith closed out the show with the most powerful performance this series has ever seen. Coach Adam Levine could barely contain himself as Smith lit up the stage. Levine jumped out of his seat with his arms in the air and gave Smith a huge hug at the end of his performance. But, the funniest part was when Levine took the mic and dropped it, signifying that the competition ended right there as it was the performance to end all performances. Levine described it as the most amazing thing he had every seen in his entire life. Check out Levine’s excitement in the below Instagram clip.

At Smith’s blind audition at the beginning of the season, he stunned judges with his voice and appearance as his voice can be quite feminine. Levine immediately told Smith that he was the most important contestant to ever be on the show and he was right. Throughout the season, Smith has conveyed the message that you should never be afraid to be yourself. Embrace who you are.

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Now check out some of Smith’s best photos in the below gallery for even more information on him.

On Smith's anniversary with his girlfriend, he posted the following message on his Instagram: hree years ago, I somehow convinced the most beautiful, thoughtful, caring woman in the world to go on a date with me. Every day since then, she has shown me over and over just how truly wonderful she is. Her capacity to love and her compassion for others are unparalleled and I fall in love with who she is more and more as time goes on. She is my best friend, my soul, and I can't wait to see where our future takes us. I love you!

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