‘Major Crimes’ Cast on TNT TV Show

Major Crimes, a spinoff series of The Closer, follows Los Angeles Police Department Captain Sharon Raydor, who heads a special squad that deals with high-profile or particularly sensitive crimes. We've seen the relationship between Lieutenant Andy Flynn and Raydor heating up during this fourth season along with some tough times for Flynn and breakthroughs for Rusty. But before the season even premiered Mary McDonnell (Raydor) said in an interview with Parade the way the characters interact this season and how they react to things is different than in the past. "There’s a diversity that makes the show surprising every week. I read the scripts and we are interacting differently...You are going to continue to have reveals about all of these people in relation to all of these interesting things that happen." And Tony Dennison (Flynn) already hinted to a fifth season while expressing love and appreciation to fans in a recent interview. "There is a definite audience out there for us and we have very loyal fans...which we so tremendously appreciate. It’s great to have a power base like that and fan’s support and that means that we’ll run, certainly for a while longer. And as an actor I know that I’m looking forward to our 5th year, and beyond." With only one episode until the finale of Major Crimes, be sure to tune in tonight at 9 p.m. on TNT. Click to the right for images of the cast and information about their characters. (Getty)