‘Scream Queens’ Finale Spoilers

Tonight is the finale of Scream Queens and we finally get to see who the last Red Devil is … E! News reports:

Remember how this whole show was initially inspired by that infamous sorority letter from hell? The one we once had Emma Roberts do a cold reading of? Well, that all comes full circle in a very hilarious way, as Chanel’s email to the Kappas goes viral and makes her a pariah on campus (and the country!).

Emma Roberts talked about what to expect in the finale to E!, stating that:

There’s not as much blood as you’d think. There’s more emotional blood but not a lot of actual blood … We were all just shocked when we read it … And it just makes every other episode look not crazy at all because it’s just completely off the wall. We had so much fun going back and searching for all these little clues that we missed. I think you guys are going to be pretty shocked!

Lea Michele added:

I got the script and I thought it was so good and so smart. When we filmed the final episode, I wrote Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and was like, what can I say? You guys have been so good to me and given me so many incredible gifts and this is awesome.

As for what else you can expect to see in the finale, E! News reports that Nick Jonas will make another cameo and there’s a surprise hook-up.

So who do you think the Red Devil will be?

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