Steve Harvey Messes Up & Announces Wrong Winner at Miss Universe Pageant

HD: (FULL) Steve Harvey Messes Up On Miss Universe 2015! COLOMBIA x PhilippinesMiss Universo Anuncio Vencedora Errada Fail | enganada error final Ils ont annoncé la mauvaise gagnant / Sie kündigten an, den falschen Sieger / Они объявили неправильный победителя / 他们宣布了错误的赢家 The Miss Universe competition in Las Vegas has descended into farce after the host announced the wrong winner of the title. Comedian and television personality…2015-12-21T03:27:19Z

Miss Universe 2015 host Steve Harvey just made the biggest mistake in pageant history as he announced the wrong winner’s name. Poor Miss Colombia put on the crown, walked to the end of the stage and everything, but she was not the winner. Miss Philippines actually won.

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Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner of tonight’s pageant while Miss Philippines was revealed to be the first runner-up. Miss Philippines then joined Miss USA, who came in third, on the side of the stage. Miss Colombia cried and was crowned the winner by the reigning Miss Universe Paulina Vega.

About a minute after Miss Colombia was announced as the winner, Steve Harvey approached the front of the stage and said he had to make an announcement. He then revealed he had made a mistake and that Miss Philippines was actually the winner. The camera moved to Miss Philippines and Miss USA, showing the horror and upset on their faces in reaction to the blunder. Their upset was followed by happiness.

Poor Miss Colombia had to give back her crown and there’s a Twitter photo of it below.

Steve Harvey felt horrible about the mistake he had made as he was so excited to host the event. He has since posted an apology on his Twitter account. You can view the tweet below.

The tweet was deleted soon after it was posted and more tweets were posted later.

It was a sad moment for all involved and it was clear that Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines had difficulty understanding what had happened. This created a very awkward few minutes on the stage. Harvey took control and showed the cameras the actual winners that were written, proving he did make a mistake. He also stated that he takes full responsibility for the error. He’s human and we all make mistakes.

Here is more footage of the blunder in the two Twitter videos below:

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