‘The Flash’ Return Date & Season 2 Spoilers

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The Flash won’t be back on TV screens for several weeks, but there are plenty of spoilers to keep us all occupied. (Facebook)

Is it January yet? Why isn’t it January yet?

For fans of The Flash, the new year can’t come soon enough as the CW superhero hit will be off the air until January 19 with a brand-new episode titled “Potential Energy.” That’s a few weeks to wait after a midseason finale that showed us another evil version of Harrison Wells and showcased exactly what Zoom has planned for our favorite hero.

It’s a lot to take in.

It’s also a lot of cliffhangers to wait on. Luckily, though, we’ve got a bevvy of spoilers ready to be read to keep fans occupied overt he next few weeks. But before we dive in check out the latest preview clip for the upcoming episode:

So, what should fans expect when The Flash, finally, does return to TV screens?

We should all probably start to worry a bit about Patty. Barry’s (Grant Gustin) better half appears to be the next target of Zoom as the other-worldly villain turns his focus towards destroy the Flash through those closest to him.

In other words, Patty is finally going to learn that her boyfriend is much more than just a nice guy.

But these are all things we had already assumed heading into the winter break. What about some new news? It looks like it’s finally time to meet Killer Frost. Photos have already leaked from set featuring Danielle Panabaker donning the villain costume and things don’t look good between her and Barry.

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It’s still not confirmed which Caitlin is going to go evil; Earth-1 or Earth-2, but it might not really matter. This change is still a major emotional point for just about everyone on The Flash and whoever is doing the shift is going to have a major impact on the entire season’s arc.

Lastly, we’ve got one final spoiler courtesy of The Flash himself. Grant Gustin recently tweeted this out after preparing to wrap up filming on episode 14:

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Gustin didn’t go into any further detail about the episode, but TVLine has already reported that Geomancer a.k.a Adam Fells (Adam Stafford) is set to appear in the episode. According to the comics, Adam started out as a hired gunman attacking an African village before joining the Injustice Society. On TV he’s being described as “a dangerous meta-human with the unique ability to create earthquakes. Intent on destroying the Flash, Geomancer uses his powers to unleash a string of targeted earthquakes, optimistic that he’ll draw out the Flash for a mano-a-mano fight to see who’s the most powerful metahuman in Central City.”

Is it January yet?

The Flash airs at 8 p.m. ET on the CW when it returns on Tuesday, January 19.

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