The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Adam Aligning With Jack

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The rivalry between the Abbotts and the Newmans got a little more fishy on The Young and the Restless. As indicated in the video trailer above, the holiday season won’t be so festive for most of the Y&R cast members.

Jack and Billy continued butt heads over the latter’s aimless hate for Victor while Chelsea pushed Adam to reveal how he feels about Sage. Also, Marisa joined Luca in the search for their missing daughter Ava, amongst other drama-filled happenings.

Read on for Tuesday’s spoilers, Wednesday teasers and a recap of Monday’s episode.

Confrontation will ensue for many cast members on today’s The Young and the Restless episode.

Y&R Spoilers – Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jack puts his hands on Billy but it defended by Phyllis. She says they shouldn’t let Victor get away with his despicable behavior. Sage admits to Chelsea that she’s fallen for Adam, who acts surprised. Kevin defends his relationship with a computer genius, Heidi, against Mariah. Marisa insists Luca take her to see Ava. Marisa questions whether it was a ploy to get her to Spain.

Noah is remorseful for acting badly towards Marisa, but is also disappointed with Nick for thinking he should let Marisa be. Noah asks about Nick’s situation with Sage. Jack explains to Phyllis that he wants to take the high road against Victor. Phyllis informs Jack that Victor is suing for Jabot and wants payback. Marisa is upset she’s in Spain and only came there for her little girl. Luca promises he’s abroad for the same reason. They’re both excited at the possibility of seeing Ava.

Noah is confused about Nick’s advice regarding Marisa. Nick says Noah’s doing the same with Sage by letting her stay with Adam. Sage says she never loved Adam, but Gabrielle, the man Adam pretended to be. Kevin is looking to pitch new tech to the Abbotts. Mariah thinks he’s into Heidi’s looks over her skills. Mariah upset Kevin don’t trust her with the technology situation. Marisa overhears Luca talking about how he will get their little girl.

Noah understands Nick is trying to do what’s right, but he can’t do the same with Marisa. Noah says he will fight for Marisa and Nick should do the same with Sage. Sage is apologetic for making Chelsea feel uncomfortable. Adam doesn’t think it’s a big deal but Sage insists Sage can stay across the hall; she can stay as long as she wants. Sage accepts. Jack is upset with Billy that Victor wants to be compensated. Billy is up for the fight against Victor but Jack says it will cost them the company. He thinks Billy isn’t considering the consequences. Billy thinks Jack is a coward. Noah is upset he paid Kevin to find Ava and Marisa is still off with Luca. He calls Kevin a failure. Jack continues trying to reason with Billy’s about Victor. Phyllis says they can all agree they want Victor to suffer. Jack wants Billy to stay out of his way while he cleans up the mess.

Adam insists to Chelsea that Sage and him are friends. Adam wants to know if she’s jealous. Chelsea wants to know what he isn’t telling her. Sage tells Nick she’s moving back into her old apartment. Sage isn’t sure how long she’ll be away, but she’s not trying to shut him out. Nick says Christian is gone but they lost him together. He pleads with Sage to grieve with him.

Kevin tells Noah he’s an expert, not a magician. Mariah thinks Noah should find out more info from Marisa. Noah says he may of gotten her upset by insisting she got intimate with Luca. Luca is wondering where Marisa is. She notices Ava with a new family.

Adam feels bad about Sage because she’s the one who helped him find his way back to Chelsea and Connor. He feels he owes her. Jack shows up and tells Adam he wants to collect on a favor. In a flashback, Noah confronts Luca. Luca says it’s time to let Marisa go because their love is too strong. Noah isn’t having it.

Mariah thinks that he needs to stop accusing Marisa of being with Luca. Kevin informs Mariah and Noah that he found something. Luca thinks Marisa needs to leave Ava. She disagrees and approaches her. Billy drinks his sorrows away as Phyllis insists Jack is only looking out for him.

Jack is aware about the pending lawsuit against Adam. Jack wants Adam to have Victor drop the suit. He disagrees because the lawsuit was his idea. Kevin finds out the whereabouts of Luca, Marisa and Ava. Noah apologizes. Luca wants Marisa to go, but she won’t leave Ava. Sage says she’s sorry Nick is in pain because he wants his wife back now. Billy is appreciative of Phyllis.Billy thinks Jack should cut Billy loose. Adam admits he convinced Victor to go up against Victor, but doesn’t know Adam has a built-in exit strategy for him; to let Billy take the fall.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 Spoilers

On the phone, Noah warns Marisa about Kevin’s findings regarding Ava:

“There’s something about this story with Ava. It doesn’t add up.”

Luca is in the background appearing surprised.

Chelsea questions Adam over why he would try to help Jack in the fight against Victor.

“You hate Billy that much that you would try to turn his own brother against him.”

Meanwhile, Ashley makes a bold statement to Victor:

“Fifty million dollars to make this go away>”

Monday’s Episode Recap

Billy’s (Burgess Jenkins) personal troubles continued on Monday’s Y&R episode, which had no shortage of the per usual drama in Genoa City.

Phyllis expresses her feelings to a passed out Billy.

“What have you done to yourself?”

However, Billy transferred the blame to Phyllis for convincing him to see Phyllis.

Jack informs Ashley how he really felt about Billy and Phyllis. Ashley speaks about how Billy and Phyllis restored Paragon. She can’t comprehend Phyllis’ motives. Jack confronts Phyllis about her plot alongside Billy.

Mariah tells Dylan about why she’s been shying away from work; it’s because of Sage’s moodiness. Dr. Anderson shows up with a gift for baby Sully. Dylan credits her for assisting Sharon.

Victor addresses the predicament with Billy. Adam shows up, stating “You strike back, as hard as possible.”

Victoria senses that Adam is playing along with Victor because the latter has something against him.

At Jabot, Ashley tells Phyllis that she can relate to her anger toward Victor, who unexpectedly shows searching for Jack. He says that he’s going to bleed them both dry.

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