The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Sully to Be Revealed as Christian

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A major shocker is reportedly set to shake Genoa City and The Young and the Restless cast at its core.

The fallout from Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) faking baby Christian’s death will affect the futures of three couples, according to Celeb Dirty Laundry.

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Read on for what it could mean for three Y&R couples in early-2016 and click on “Next Page” below to see how it could effect Genoa City as a whole:

Sharon & Dylan’s Happiness Could Be Compromised

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From left to right, Sharon and Dylan, may experience rocky roads upon learning that baby Sully is Sage’s. (CBS Screenshot)

Just when Sharon (Sharon Case) was rebounding from her relationship woes to Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam (Justin Hartley), her situation with Dylan (Steve Burton) is now on the cusp of a setback. In one of the more recent romantic Y&R moments, the two married in an impromptu holiday wedding. Up until this point, Dylan has believed that Sully is his. However, once he learns that his son is really his nephew, it could drive a wedge between himself and Sharon. Sharon — who’s been experiencing a higher quality life since leaving Fairview — just may be driven back there. The only upside to this would be that Sharon finally sees Dr. Anderson for the deceitful person she really is. Ironically, Dylan had a heart-to-heart with Stitch — who’s having issues with his child Max — about how he thinks Sharon would handle custody if they split. This could be an indicator of rocky roads ahead.

The News Would Be Bittersweet for Nick & Sage

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From left to right, Nick and Sage, would find themselves in a catch-22 situation if they found out that Sully was actually Christian, who they thought died. (CBS Screenshot)

Nick and Sage are presently rekindling their romance, as he — along with Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) — informed her that he’ll be moving in with her at the Newman building. After several failed attempts to convince Sage to move back in with him, Nick finally seems to be making some headway in their relationship. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) recently boasted that the two were getting closer and a jealous Adam caught them in a heavy make out session.

Once Nick and Sage find out that Sully is really Christian, it will relieve them of a lot of pain. However, the predicament becomes more complex, as it may then be revealed that Adam is the father. If this situation played out this way, it would drastically alter Adam’s focus to overtake Newman Enterprises with Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva).

Adam’s Secret Could Cause Irreparable Damage to Chelsea

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Pictured left to right, Adam and Chelsea, could drift apart permanently upon news breaking of Christian’s existence. (CBS Screenshot)

Between his unideal ties to Victor and Sage living next door, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has been very understanding of Adam. Chelsea has even walked in on the two emotionally bonding on more than one occasion. Since Adam left prison, Chelsea has seemingly been under the impression that he was reformed.The two have successfully parented Connor as well. However, if Chelsea finds out that Adam is Christian’s father, it will have huge ramifications on their future. This would ensure that Sage — who Chelsea wanted out of her and Adam’s building — would be a part of Adam’s life permanently; potentially fatal to their relationship.



Sandra Ashby

Its really something after what happen show today 4/29/16 I never in my mind thought Sage was going to die. Sharon fault tho. Why she died .she will be missed

Maria a egan

I can’t believe this crap. OK 1st yes Christian belongs with Nick and Sage ( who doesn’t belong with Nick) 2nd Sharon needs to be pregnant and be happy with Dylan she has caused hell, she has paid her dues. She needs to be sane and happy. 3rd Victor planted that idea in Adams head to get control Adam,Chelsea and Connor need to be a family. Victoria and the next Billy need to be together it seems that the great marriages keep recycling after everybody has been with everybody. Keep some couples together stop making a marriages seem impossible. Oh and by the way Cain and lily belong with each other to. You don’t go thru the lengths they did to give up quickly.


I will not watch the show till the truth comes out that baby sully is actually baby Christian. This show got stupid..

Y&R fan

I agree the show is getting so over the top. Come on writers you can do better than that!


I agree , let Christian be Sage and Nicks baby and leave Adam out of it!! How many kids are you going to take from Nick and this paternity stuff is so unreal in this day and age!! Also Chelsea and Adam make a great couple and have had enough heartache, let someone be happy for a change or we”ll all stop watching this crap!! For petes sake give Christian back to his mother before he gets any older, the first weeks are so important for a baby to bond with his mother and its so stupid that Sharon thinks she carried this baby and after it was born, not to know her own body!! Seriously she had kids in the past and would know after a baby,it takes time to get back into shape and heal!! Get real writers or we are all going to stop watching, it just doesn’t make sense anymore.


why did she not get a six week exam after baby was born.. that would have told her she didnt just give birth.. just crazy…and if my baby died i would want to hold him one time..

Mary Goodman

Yes it’s very irritating. Adam always have to be the bad guy. That sucks Victor is a monster, destroys all his children, relationships. It Sucks


What I don’t understand is how Sharon could not know she had a baby. Excuse me what about what a woman goes thru after delivering?? Is she so high on drugs that she wouldn’t no? and how can she have sex with Dylan? Isn’t there a 6-8 week healing time on soap opera life?? Also, how many times do they have to use a car accident scenario. That gets old after awhile you would think and makes you wonder what is wrong with the writers. Billy, Dee dee, Cricket, Sharon, Nikki, Abby, Max’s mother……how many more do we need. Please bring back the good writing that we all know and love.


Sharon must have an iron pu…y. I have 4 children and, boy, I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks of healing!