The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Adam Confronts Victor

The Young and the Restless
returns Wednesday with an all-new episode as Ashley (Eileen Davidson) gets some pointers from John Abbott’s (Jerry Douglas) ghost while Victor (Eric Baeden) makes an impromptu visit to Adam (Justin Hartley) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan).

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Here’s what you need to know for the Wednesday, December 16, 2015 episode:

Hilary Thinks Her & Neil Are Meant to Be

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Neil, pictured to the right of Hilary, not only has to deal with Dr. Neville’s blackmail, but Hilary’s seduction as well. (CBS Screenshot)

Hilary (Mishael Morgan) makes a pass at Neil (Kristoff St. John), who says it must be Hilary’s an effect of her medication because she’s married to Devon (Bryton James). Hilary disagrees and Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight) shows up. He examines Hilary and determines her health is good. Neil warns the neurologist that they’ll both be arrested if the cops find them. Dr. Neville says he’s touched Hilary talked him up but is concerned with Neil. Dr.Neville pitches Neil on a new treatment, saying that the latter can capitalize on it.

Neil says he picked the wrong guy to blackmail. Hilary thinks Neil should invest or Dr. Neville may report him to the cops. Neil doesn’t buy it. Hilary asks Devon to invest in Dr. Neville’s research at dinner. Hilary explains that it will keep Neil out of jail. Devon thinks the neurologist is a creep, but he agrees to it. Hilary thanks him and says he’s a good man.

Later, Neil apologizes to Hilary for accusing her of luring him inside the room. Hilary just wants him to admit that it feels right to be alone with her. She says that none of this would’ve happened if she hadn’t come to Genoa City after her mother’s death. Hilary insists that Neil is meant to be with her. He says she’s meant to be with his son. Hilary kisses Neil, who goes along with it. She leaves and he looks confused. Dr. Neville meets up with Devon, who refuses to shake his hand. Dr. Neville says he needs allies for his research. Devon doesn’t care to know and wants to cut him a check as long as he’ll leave his family alone. Ashley shows up and is curious about the investment.

John’s Ghost Calls Ashley Out On Her Problem

the young and the restless cast, the young and the restless actors, ashley abbott photos

Ashley Abbott — after fainting in Tuesday’s Y&R episode — is payed a visit by the ghost of someone from her past. (CBS Screenshot)

After passing on nine years ago, the ghost of John Abbott Sr. returns to call out Ashley — who awakes on the ground — out on her stubbornness. While receiving an update on Jack’s (Peter Bergman) press conference, she felt a pain in her head and collapsed.

Ashley asks John Sr. if he’s there because he’s disappointed in her. He just wants her to admit what’s wrong with her. Ashley insists she wants Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Stitch (Sean Carrington) to get married. John Sr. says she’s a woman of science and should know who she is; a fighter, not a quitter. He is only concerned with her because she’s concerned with herself. She finally gets up and John Sr. is gone.

Chelsea Wants Adam to Be Ditch Victor

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Victor Newman — pictured above in Wednesday’s Y&R episode — pays Adam and Chelsea an impromptu visit with some news. (CBS Screenshot)

Victor is feeling mighty good after receiving a $500 million payout from the Abbotts. He shows at Chelsea and Adam’s saying the Abbotts have conceded defeat. Chelsea congratulates Victor and says Adam shouldn’t be needed at Newman anymore. Victor says it’s his decision. Victor says he’s sure Adam will take on something challenging because the Newmans don’t do anything halfway. Chelsea wants to know when it ends. Victor says it never ends, there’s always a challenge. Victor says he wants them to tell Connor (Gunner and Ryder Gadbois) that Santa got his email and he won’t be disappointed. Victor says he’s proud of Adam, who says he appreciates his father’s faith in him. Chelsea queries Adam on why he’d want to stay at Newman Enterprises. Adam says it’s hard to hold a grudge when someone got you out of a prison sentence. Chelsea wants to know what Victor has on him. Adam says it was hard to get into Victor’s circle and now he’s in it . Chelsea thinks he can get Victor’s respect without being his right-hand hand. Adam agrees that he doesn’t need Victor shining his light on him.

Later on, Victor returns to express that he’s not a fan of living next door. This is due to the penthouse being the spot where she assisted Adam when he posed as

Victor approaches and brings up Sage’s (Kelly Sullivan) past with Gabriel Bingham (Justin Hartley) as well as her difficulties with Nick. Sage takes responsibility for Nick’s situation. Victor says he’ll support her if she wants to move away, which shocks her. Victor says he’s isn’t forcing her it is an option. Later, Sage informs Chelsea and Adam about Victor’s suggestion. Adam gets angry about the situation. Sarcastically, Chelsea thanks for her husband for finally showing up.

Meanwhile, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) thinks Sage should return to the ranch; she refuses. Sage understands Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) feelings, but she’s still mourning the loss of Christian. Nikki says she’s lost a child herself and that Nick’s love will heal that. There’s a flashback to when Nikki lost her baby with Victor. She’s shown falling down a staircase. Nikki tells Sage she felt lost and was haunted. Sage says maybe her and Nick’s bond isn’t strong enough.

Jack & Phyllis Argue Over Billy

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Jack — pictured on left — and Phyllis — pictured on right — get into an argument after he lets Billy go from Jabot. (CBS Screenshot)

After succumbing to Phyllis’s (Gina Tognoni) feelings, Jack cancelled a press conference where he planed to expose Victor and open himself up to jail time. Still uneasy over the predicament, he blamed and fired Billy (Burgess Jenkins) from Jabot.

Jack and Phyllis argue about the Abbott’s monetary loss to Victor. Phyllis wants to know if Jack would boot her like he did to Billy. This upsets Jack, who thinks Billy sucked Phyllis into his plan. Jack says the $500 million payment to Newman Enterprises was to keep Billy out of prison and to clear the Abbotts’ name. Jack says he won’t apologize for protecting her. Phyllis brings up Jack’s past absence from their wedding, but later apologizes for the comment; saying they’re both under a lot of stress over the lawsuit. Phyllis insists Jack admit he resents her history with Victor. Jack wants to know that Phyllis is 100-percent with him. Ashley approaches, saying he is right. Phyllis brings up Jack not showing for the wedding. Phyllis apologized for honeymoon comment. She says they are both dealing with the Victor situation. Phyllis wants Jack to admit he resents what happened between her and Victor. Jack needs to know Phyllis is with him.

Ashley approaches and says Jack is right. She tells Jack that she trusts him and Phyllis at running Jabot. Jack says the three of them can build it together. Ashley says they’ll have to do it without her; she’s stepping down as the CEO. Jack is surprised, but Ashley thinks it’s for the best. Ashley will stay on the board though. She says their father would want this. Jack senses something is wrong. Ashley insists there isn’t and cuts him off with a “I love you” and it’s “the best thing.”

Later on, Jack tells Phyllis that he didn’t expect Ashley’s to step down, but that they’ll get through it together. Victor shows up with Nikki and mocks the situation. Victor approaches Jack and Phyllis, who wants to know how it makes Victor — who shows up alongside Nikki — feel to have Jabot’s money. Phyllis wishes Victor luck on finding someone to give him the heimlich when he chokes on his steak. Victor tells Nikki he’s in the mood for a steak.

Lily Wants Cane to Spend One Last Christmas With His Family

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Lily — pictured above — is still vying for Cane’s forgiveness for her past discretions despite his reluctance. (CBS)

Devon says at least Joe (Scott Elrod) was smart enough to cop a plea amid his recent arrest. Cane (Daniel Goddard) agrees. Lily (Christel Khalil) says she was scared and is grateful for Cane saving her. They still don’t know who took Hilary, which concerns Cane. Devon still wants to respect Hilary’s decision.

Lily (Christel Khalil) thinks that neither of them deserve to go through this hassle. Cane leaves. Lily tells Devon that Cane won’t forgive her. Devon says at least Cane loves her; Hilary doesn’t even love him. Later, Lily asks Cane to spend one last holiday season with their family. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Lily don’t think it’s asking for a lot to give their kids one last christmas together. He agrees.

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