The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Nikki Looks Out for Billy

The Young and the Restless continued gearing up for the holidays when it returned on Wednesday. Jill (Jess Walton) became the next to advocate for Billy (Burgess Jenkins) while Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight) became concerned with Ashley’s (Eileen Davidson) headaches, amongst other happenings.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Wednesday, December 23, 2015 episode:

Billy Gained Another Advocate

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Billy Abbott finds another fan of him reuniting with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). (CBS)

After losing his job at Jabot and being kicked out by Victoria, Billy finds himself down and out. His recklessness almost cost him his entire livelihood.

However, on Wednesday’s episode, Billy — who’s seen Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and now Jack (Peter Bergman) try to help him lately — also gets mother Jill’s backing.

Jill is worried about Billy. Colin (Tristan Rogers) says Billy doing look like he’s in a ditch; he’s at the bar. Later, Jill tastes Billy’s drink to make sure it’s not alcohol; it’s water. Billy insists things are fine now with Jack (Peter Bergman); they hashed things out. Billy realizes his life is worth living; he owes it to Delia. Jill compliments him and says it’s only a matter of time before he’s back at Jabot. Billy says he has a lot longer to go. Jill doesn’t think Victoria will let Billy leave her life.

Billy shows up at Victor’s office. He asked where Victoria is; Victor says he’ll tell him when hell freezes over. Victor tells Billy he can’t win Victoria being spiritually and physically bankrupt. Billy thinks Victor — being holed up at Newman for the holidays — is in the same predicament.

Meanwhile, Lily pleads with Cane to not cancel. Cane says he wants to spend the night; in the guest room. She’s okay with that. Later, Colin suggests that Cane (Daniel Goddard) stay with Lily (Christel Khalil) and the kids more than a couple nights. His father is confused; Cane says “that it is.” They toast. Cane says all he cares about is the kids having a good Christmas. Later, Colin and Jill toast to their marriage. Later, Jill argues with Victoria about taking Billy back.

Devon (Bryton James) has one last thing to take care of before he goes to Miami. Later, Devon tells Lily he’s leaving for awhile. Lily says he can’t escape his problems. Lily says she snapped at Cane when he asked to stay in the guest room. Later, Devon thinks Cane understands Joe (Scott Elrod) took advantage of her. Lily doesn’t think so. Devon says his flight got cancelled.

Nikki Reminisced on Happy Times with Victor

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During the Christmas party, Nikki reflects on a romantic moment with Victor. (CBS Screenshot)

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) wants the entire family to have a beautiful Christmas party, especially since Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sage (Kelly Sullivan) patched things up. Nikki hopes Victor (Eric Braeden) stops crunching numbers and joins them. Nikki says to invite Billy, but Victoria — who wants him to be the kids’ hero — doesn’t trust he won’t show up out of control. They joke about the Grinch reminding them of Victor. Later, Nikki reminisces on good times of the past with Victor.

Dr. Neville is Concerned With Ashley’s Condition

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Pictured left to right, Gwen and Dr. Neville; the neurologist becomes concerned with Ashley’s health after spotting her wincing. (CBS Screenshot)

Neville notices Ashley wincing. Ashley’s blaming her headache on all the arguing between him and Gwen. Later, Ashley wants to know how Neville developed the treatment. He says he just tried it on Hilary. Ashley is shocked; Neville says that nothing is ever guaranteed; that’s the way it works. Neville says his cure may of been a fluke if Ashley wants to be pessimistic. Ashley says it can’t be. Ashley and Neville are willing to work through the night to perfect the treatment.

Hilary is Curious What Gwen’s Intentions With Neil Are

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Neil may just find himself in a love triangle with Hilary and Gwen. (CBS Screenshot)

Neil (Kristoff St. John) insists Hilary (Mishael Morgan) doesn’t have to go through with being Neville’s guinea pig. Hilary says it’s her choice. Hilary is doing this to keep Neil out of prison. Hilary thinks Neil can handle Neville, but the real wildcard is Gwen (Nadine Nicole); who’s leveraging the info she has to blackmail Neil. Neil says she’s a good person. Hilary thinks Gwen wants him back. Neil says “Not a chance.” Later, Gwen tells Hilary that some people are doing more than others like Ashley. Neil says Hilary deserves credit; Gwen doesn’t want to be reminded. She leaves and Hilary says Gwen wants him bad. Later, Neil thanks Hilary for having his back. Hilary asks Neil to spend Christmas Eve with her. Neil says he needs to spend it with Hilary and Cane.

Victor Lashed Out at Noah

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Victor’s tolerance for Luca and the Santoris is increasingly wearing thin (CBS Screenshot)

Victor is adamant about restoring Newman Enterprises to the company it once was. Since receiving a $500 million payout from the Abbotts, he’s upped expectations at the office.

Victor wants Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) and Marisa (Sofia Pernas) to stop working and enjoy the holidays. Marisa thanks him. Luca isn’t buying it; he thinks he’s trying to get rid of him, insisting it’s not a good idea. Noah (Robert Adamson) approaches, saying it’s his idea to give Luca and Marisa off. Luca accepts. Marisa says Merry Christmas.

Victor compliments Noah for thinking ahead with his actions. Luca tells Noah that Ava brings him and Marisa closer. Noah drops a photo of them, which breaks. Luca says he did it purposely. Noah apologizes. Luca says he should go. Victor sees this and says there’s no longer a deal. Luca says he can’t do that to the Santoris. Victor says he don’t “give a damn,” he’s talking about his grandson. Victor fires Noah. Marisa says it isn’t necessary, neither does Luca. Victor says consider his job being kept a Christmas bonus. Noah don’t understand. Behind closed doors, Victor says Noah gave him an opportunity to convince Luca that Noah’s a weak link. Noah asks Victor to join the party; he declines. Victor tells Noah he has a bright future at Newman and things are going as planned.

Later, Marisa thanks him for saving Luca’s job; Luca says he did it for her. Marisa invites him in; he says he doesn’t want to push things. Luca pauses to say he won’t go through if she doesn’t want this. She continues seducing him.

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