The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Adam Betrays Victor

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The Young and the Restless returned on Tuesday with an all-new episode, as Adam (Justin Hartley) resumed his plot against Victor (Eric Braeden) and Billy (Burgess Jenkins) relapsed on betting and alcohol.

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Here’s what happened on Y&R’s Tuesday, December 28, 2015 episode:

Adam Aligned Himself With Luca

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Pictured left to right in Tuesday’s episode, Adam and Luca, join forces to take down Victor. (CBS Screenshot)

Adam has continued working with Victor at Newman Enterprises, giving him ideas on how to move forward with business. Most recently, he convinced Victor to recruit Noah (Robert Adamson) as part of a master plan to rid the company of Luca (Miles Gaston Villueva) and the Santoris. To execute this plan, Noah has been acting as Luca and Marisa’s (Sofia Pernas) liaison. Meanwhile, Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) has become increasingly concerned with how loyal — on the surface — that Adam has been as Victor’s right-hand man. However, the situation is more complex, as Victor has info on baby Christian to blackmail Adam if need be. But to Adam’s advantage, Luca has been a thorn in Victor’s side ever since he refused to take the latter’s payout with interest. After Noah tipped off the Feds on the Santori family, Victor has wanted out. On the other hand, Luca continues to work at Newman, refusing to end the business relationship.

On Tuesday, Victor and Adam plot about the repercussions of a Santori’s downfall, thinking the Santoris may severally punish Marisa. Victor says that all he wants is complete control of Newman Enterprises. Adam says the situation could also land Victor in prison. Adam asks him to reconsider his approach. Victor says Adam is failing on his plan. Victor says he’ll take care of Luca. Adam wants to know what happens if Noah goes soft. Victor says Noah won’t, and will do whatever it takes to take the Santoris down.

At Newman Enterprises, Luca wants paperwork from Noah. Luca continues rubbing it in to Noah that he’s back with Marisa. She gets upset at this. After Noah leaves, Luca suggests that she may still be in love with Noah. She doesn’t answer.

Later, Noah informs Victor that Marisa is back to being Luca’s wife. Victor says he’s sorry, but says he warned him not to become involved with her. Noah asks Victor what will ultimately happen to Marisa once they rid themselves of the Santoris. Victor says she’ll go down with them. Marisa comes in asking for Noah.

Later, Noah admits that it’s killing him that she’s with Luca. He says he loves her and understands why she would go back to him. Shortly after, Mariah accuses Marisa of stringing Noah and Luca along. Marisa acknowledges she’s in love with both of them. Marisa says it’s time she sets things straight with Noah. Marisa tells Noah that although she cares about him, she shares a child with Luca. Noah says he acted out of jealousy and pushed her into Luca’s arms.

Later, Adam calls Luca for a meeting at his penthouse. Later, Adam informs Luca about Victor’s plans to take down Marisa. Luca is confused at why Adam is telling him this. He informs Luca that Victor has been blackmailing him. Adam tells Luca that they need to take the power and control from their fathers, reasoning that they are younger, stronger and they can take them both out. Luca thinks he’s dreaming. Adam says he’s got plans to go with that dream. Adam says once their fathers are locked up, they can take over. Luca wants to know why he should trust Adam. Adam says because they both want the same thing. Adam says that if they work together, they can get their fathers out of their lives once and for all. Luca and Adam shake to the next generation

Billy Relapsed on Booze & Betting

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Billy, who’s been cleaning up his act lately, made another bad decision in Tuesday’s episode. (CBS)

After hitting rock bottom in his life — losing his family and job — Billy continues trying to get back to a place of normalcy. He’s finally making leeway with Victoria (Amelia Heinle), who didn’t want him anywhere near his kids. While Jack (Peter Bergman) won’t be giving him his position at Jabot back, the two have squashed their friction. Billy was even remorseful towards Stitch (Sean Carrington), who he had drunkenly took a swing at.

Victoria acknowledges she had a nice Christmas with Billy, but they aren’t exactly ready for a wedding. Billy asks Victoria to be his date at Abby’s wedding. Billy tells Phyllis he’s making some headway; she thinks it will be short-lived if he doesn’t keep his act together. Billy tells Phyllis that his luck is about to change. Phyllis hopes it works out. Later, Phyllis approaches Victoria about Billy, saying she knows that her and Victoria have had their differences but they are both pulling for Billy. Phyllis says her heart was betrayed too; in the worse way possible. Phyllis says she lived with a stranger a long time, but has learned how to open her heart and trust again. She should do the same with Billy. Phyllis says that although Billy is a pain in the ass sometimes, Victoria is the only one who can save him from himself.

Mariah says Natalie the hacker has done a number on him. Kevin (Greg Rikaart) just cares about what she has to offer in the cyber world; Mariah isn’t buying it. Mariah tries convincing Kevin to let Billy in on the project. Mariah suggests getting Billy to put in $2 million instead of the $1 million needed; she calls it “creative accounting.” Later, Kevin informs Billy that they need $2 million to launch. Billy hesitates, wanting to know what made Kevin reconsider. Kevin says it’s because Billy is already in the loop. Billy thinks $2 million is a lot of money, but he’s in. He’ll get him the money tomorrow. Billy thinks this is a goldmine and it can prove to his family that he can come through. Later, Kevin feels guilty about taking more money from Billy, Mariah says he shouldn’t. Kevin thinks him and Mariah make a good team. Kevin looks forward to being a pioneer and not just a computer geek. He goes over cyber stuff with her, who will also be involved.

Later, Billy meets with the booker and insists it’s his last bet. The bookie is concerned about the bet since it’s a long shot. Billy tells him he needs $2 million. Shortly after, Billy loses the bet and asks for a double scotch

Meanwhile, Victoria flashes back to a time when Billy says he’ll make things up to her. Back in the present, she passes Noah and Marisa and heads to Victor’s office. He informs her that he’s decided to cut ties with the Santoris. Victor says him and Adam will take care of things. She’s concerned as to why he’s trust Adam and Noah over her.

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