The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Adam Recruits Noah Against the Santoris

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The Young and the Restless returns on Thursday with its usual amount of drama in Genoa City.

Marisa (Sofia Pernas) quits on Noah (Robert Adamson) to work for Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva) while Adam (Justin Hartley) comes up with a plan to rid Newman Enterprises of the Santoris’ business.

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Here’s what you need to know for the Thursday, December, 17, 2015 episode:

Marisa Quits on Noah to Work for Luca

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) mistakes Noah for an intruder sleeping in a booth. Noah is upset Marisa is ignoring his messages. Mariah thinks it’s for the best if she chose that the slime ball, Luca. An FBI agent shows, wanting info from Noah. Noah backtracks on ratting out Luca, saying he wasted their time. Later, Marisa is angry with Noah for putting Ava at risk. Noah insists she can’t trust Luca. Marisa says she can’t trust Noah; she’s quitting on him and going to work for Luca. Noah admits he acted like an ass. Marisa says she’s kept stuff from him too, but not to hurt him. She says there’s nothing left between them and says goodbye. Luca pleads with her, but she still leaves. Noah tells Mariah that he don’t understand how Marisa could just change like that. He leaves while Mariah warns him that he’ll make it worse. Luca acknowledges the Santoris made her miserable. He forgave her a long time ago for her mistakes. Luca doesn’t want to dwell on the past; there’s too much to look forward to. They embrace.

Luca offers Marisa a job working with him at Newman Enterprises. Marisa is unsure because Victor hates her and she’d be a liability. Luca says he needs a partner on the inside he can trust. He says he’d pitt her street smarts against all of Victor’s (Eric Braeden) MBAs any day and that they’ll make a formidable team. Marisa leaves because she “has something to do first.” Victor calls Luca, saying there’s something they need to discuss.

Victor thinks Adam made the right decision committing to their arrangement. Adam is still grateful for it and thinks the $500 million in Jabot is a good start. Adam hopes Victor will take his advice on not doing business with the Santoris. Victor is unsure about this, saying that things were flying under the radar until Noah blew Luca’s cover. Adam says “you can’t unring the bell that tipped off the Feds. Luca informs Victor that he wants Marisa working for them. Victor says he’s getting ahead of himself and presents Luca with a check. He wants Luca to let his father know that the Newmans and Santoris will no longer be doing business together. Luca says “ it doesn’t work like that.” Victor says he decides that.

Luca says the arrangement is more to his father than money. Luca tries getting Adam to be the voice of reason; he says Victor has the final word. Luca rips up the check and says his family owns a piece them; that’s how it works. Adam thinks his attitude comes from his father; Victor don’t give a damn. Victor calls Luca’s father and tells him they need to discuss something.

Nick Continues Vying for Sage’s Love

The Young and the Restless Cast, Young and the Restless Actors, Sage Newman Photo

Sage — pictured above — continues to keep her distance from her husband, Nick. (CBS Screenshot)

Nick (Joshua Morrow) comes by looking for Sage (Kelly Sullivan) but Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) says she’s not around. Nick is bummed but Chelsea tells him that miracles do happen and they could involve Sage. Nick is upset that Sage can talk to anyone but her husband. He informs Chelsea about how she recently spent the night with him with him, only to leave again. He thought they turned a corner. Chelsea thinks there’s hope beyond the drama and complication. She tells Nick that Sage living next door is a huge mistake. Nick says he’ll always be there for her no matter what. Sage tells Nick to say no more; they embrace.

Sage admits to Sharon (Sharon Case) that she wouldn’t be able to do for Faith (Alyn Alyvia Lind) what Constance (Sally Kellerman) did for her growing up. Sharon wants to know if her rift with Nick is temporary. Sage thinks they are headed for divorce. Sharon — who gets emotional — doesn’t think they should give up as it leads to regrets. Sage wishes people wouldn’t feel like they have to avoid talking about Christian in front of her. Sully cries and Sharon insists Sage hold him. Sharon says that even though Christian is in heaven, he’ll always be her son; just like Cassie (Camryn Grimes) is still her daughter.

Adam Asks Noah to be Luca & Marisa’s Undercover Liaison

The Young and the Restless Cast, Noah Newman Photos, Robert Adamson Photos

Noah — who’s been vying for Marisa to leave Luca — is recruited by the Newmans to take down the Santoris. (CBS Screenshot)

Noah unexpectedly walks in on Victor telling Adam that they need to get the point across to the Santoris. Adam informs Noah about the Santori situation. Adam says step one is Noah acting as the liaison on Marisa and Luca. Victor warns Noah how dangerous the Santoris are. Noah understands, saying he owes them and won’t let them down. He shakes Adam’s hand.

Billy Wants in on Kevin’s Master Cyber Plan

Billy (Burgess Jenkins) wants in on Kevin’s (Greg Rikaart) arrangement with the hacker in Geneva. He thinks they could become masters of the cyber universe together. Kevin denies there being working on anything. Billy insists he overheard Kevin talking about it. Kevin says he don’t want to do business with Billy after what happened with Paragon. Billy insists Kevin give him a chance. Kevin says he’s been down and out just like Billy and it’s nothing personal. Billy leaves.

Later, Billy makes a 60-to-1 odds bet, which he loses on. Chelsea approaches to console him. He criticizes her for getting involved with “Gabe” aka Adam. Billy then walks off.

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