When Are the Overlords Revealed in ‘Childhood’s End’?

childhoods end

When will The Overlords reveal their true appearance in Childhood’s End? (Ben King/Syfy)

Childhood’s End, the three-night miniseries based on Arthur C. Clarke’s amazing book, premieres tonight on Syfy. Many fans of the book are wondering when one of the key moments — the revelation of the Overlords – will take place in the series. This article won’t reveal what that revelation is, so as not to spoil anyone who hasn’t read the book. It’s a key part of the series and hugely important to the show’s development.

But when will it happen?

The Overlords speak to humanity through avatars before they finally reveal who they truly are. According to IGN, we won’t get to see the Overlords for most of episode one, but they will be revealed during the first episode. The mystery will keep viewers on their toes during the first hour. The first part of the miniseries will end with a shocking reveal that will leave viewers with a big cliffhanger for episode two. IGN calls the timing of the reveal a “masterstroke” of the premiere. Salon refers to it as a “fascinating hinge moment.” In the book, it took 50 years for the Overlords to step out of the shadows, but in the series it takes 15 years, according to Slate.  Despite the difference in time periods, the plot twist will be just as impactful.

If the reveal does indeed occur in the first episode, share with us below what you thought about it. Were you expecting it?