Who Got Eliminated Tonight On Survivor?

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Tonight, another cast member got sent home on Survivor and it was Abi-Maria Gomes. Check out our live recap below, updated with minute-to-minute coverage of tonight’s episode.

Last time on Survivor, Joe was voted off the island. Keith was left in the dark and wanted to vote Tasha out of the game, but he was happy to see Joe go. Now that tribal council is over, Tasha wants to keep her eye on Keith while Keith hopes to get her voted out. Spencer and Jeremy are a little worried about Tasha, thinking there could be a female alliance under their noses. With 7 people left in the competition, anyone could go.

For the first challenge, the contestants played for a reward to go back to the temples where they first started their journey. They will be blessed by the monks there, eat good food and stay overnight in the temples. At first, Spencer has the lead, followed by Keith. Jeremy and Tasha start catching up, while Keith takes the lead, winning the individual reward. To go with him back to the temples, Keith chooses Spencer and Kelly.

While Keith, Spencer and Kelly are off enjoying their reward, Tasha is plotting back at camp saying that she wants him gone. The girls all want to get on Keith and try to convince Jeremy. Meanwhile, Jeremy regrets sending home Joe instead of Abby and he doesn’t know if he wants to team up against Keith.

Keith, Spencer and Kelly discuss carrying on together in the competition and get rid of Tasha. They need a fourth person to help them get rid of Tasha, so they have to find someone to trust and are hoping it’s Abi, which is doubtful. Back at camp, when Tasha asks Abi if she can talk to Jeremy in private, Abi becomes a bit upset. Now, Tasha and Jeremy think that they should take out Abi before Keith because she’s so “volatile.”

Moving forward, all of the contestants then compete in the immunity challenge, which includes a second chance puzzle. Jeremy and Spencer took the lead with Tasha trailing last in the competition. Spencer takes a hard fall and Jeremy ends up in the lead, but Spencer comes back quick and solves the puzzle in no time at all. Tasha begins to struggle in the water, prompting safety and medical to rescue her. This ordeal left Tasha a bit shaken.

Abi, Kelly, Keith and Spencer all team up to take out Tasha despite her traumatic moment in the water. Tasha has a chat with Spencer and Jeremy, saying that the plan is to vote out Abi. Spencer agrees, but he’s undecided which side he wants to go with.

At tribal council, there are two votes Abi and two votes Tasha. Then another vote comes for Abi, followed by a vote for Keith and then another for Abi, leading to Abi’s eviction from the island.

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