Who Will Win ‘Survivor’ 2015 Tonight? – Top 3 Finalists Revealed

'Survivor' 2015 - Top 3 Winners

To kick off the game, Spencer Bledsoe won the immunity challenge. In the meantime, cast member Kimmi has jumped ship on her alliance with Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha. Kimmi has now teamed up with Kelley and Keith. Tasha and Spencer are onto Kimmi, but Jeremy fully trusts her. And so, the cast members go into tribal council, not knowing what kind of craziness could go down. While Spencer reveals that his alliance has been suspecting Kimmi, both Kelly Wentworth and Jeremy Collins reveal their hidden immunity idols. All of the votes were for Jeremy and Kelley, which means there were no votes counted as being cast. This was a first in the history of the show. And so, there had to be a re-vote, excluding Kelley, Jeremy and Spencer from being voted out. With Jeremy finding out that Kimmi switched alliances and voted for him, he was very disappointed in her. After tallying the votes, there was another tie with Kimmi and Tasha as the targets. This meant that Keith, Kelley, Jeremy, and Spencer could unanimously vote someone off the show. Or, Keith Nale would have to be ousted from the competition by default. At first, Keith wants to give up his spot for Kimmi, but Kelley convinces him to stay. And so, Kimmi is sent home. In the next immunity challenge, Keith and Kelley end up neck and neck, with Kelley ultimately winning immunity. This put Keith in a tough spot, with him convinced that Tasha, Spencer and Jeremy would send him packing.

Before the next tribal council, Kelley wanted to help her friend Keith, so she actually constructed a fake idol and used her old idol letter to wrap it in ... It was genius. Jeremy suspects that Keith has an idol and decides to jump ship, joining Kelley and Keith against Spencer. And so, when tribal council comes around, a new plan has been put in place ... or has it? Jeremy ends up back-stabbing Keith and Kelley, providing the third vote against Keith, which ultimately sent him home. Next was the Final Immunity Challenge with the top 4 contestants. Kelley Wentworth gets disqualified first in the challenge, followed by Tasha Fox. It's down to Jeremy Collins and Spencer Bledsoe, but Jeremy took the win, guaranteeing his spot in the top 3. It was a very emotional win for him. Kelley's only hope was to convince Jeremy to vote for Spencer. So, who made it to the final three? Click through our gallery to check out who the top 3 contestants going for the $1 million prize are tonight. (©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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