Will Ashley Die on The Young and the Restless?

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Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson) has experienced a lot of change in her life lately. She not only stepped down as CEO of Jabot Cosmetics and allowing her daughter, Abby (Melissa Ordway) to marry the man she loves, Stitch (Sean Carrington). However, her health is now in serious question as she’s fainted on multiple occasions. This, in turn, brings up the question of whether it will turn out to be a fatal, as she previously had brain aneurysm surgery. Although that answer isn’t yet set in stone, there are a few indicators suggesting she’ll pull through.

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Read on for the reasons why Ashley will survive her repeated head traumas.

In a short span of time, Ashley has done what’s necessary to participate in her own rescue. Stepping down at Jabot as its CEO and expediting Abby’s holy union to Stitch were two of them. Although Ashley’s love for Abby appears stronger than her feelings for Stitch, convincing Victor (Eric Braeden) to let Abby have a New Year’s Eve wedding clearly took an emotional toll on her. After all, the only reason she seemingly made that decision was to bring closure to the situation sooner. To continue making life alterations, she took on a new business venture with Dr. Neville (Michael E. Knight) on a top-of-the-line medical treatment he’s experimenting with.

Along with these changes, Ashley — in a mere couple weeks of time — has begun experiencing head trauma again. Most recently at Stitch and Abby’s wedding and on the phone at the park prior. The recent episode postponed the couple’s nuptials.

Before passing out, Ashley — who has shown signs of still loving Stitch — seemingly got closer to Neville, who complimented her on her blue dress. She even came clean to him about her medical condition, as he was genuinely worried. While the doctor has a track record of corruption, he’s shown a surprisingly soft side for Ashley. Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates that the two could “become an item at some point?”

If Neville and Ashley’s relationship did cross over from business to romance, this could indicate that her head condition won’t be a deadly one. Further more, this could lead to a long-term love triangle between Stitch, Dr. Neville and Ashley. If the situation did play out that way, Ashley would most likely have to be fully recovered. If Dr. Neville brought her back to optimal health, this could offset her feelings for Stitch, putting Abby in a compromising position: Fight for her husband’s love or sacrifice that love for her mother’s mental well-being.

Presently, it’s safe to say that Ashley won’t be dying anytime soon, especially since it would leave Y&R fans without the Genoa City romance friction they’ve grown accustomed to.

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