Will There Be an Adam, Sage & Nick Love Triangle on Young and the Restless?

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When it comes to the Genoa City lifestyle on The Young and the Restless, there is clearly no shortage of romance, as nearly every Y&R cast member has experienced their fair share of relationships. However, with copious amounts of experience comes romantic overlap; such is the case with the Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow), Sage Newman (Kelly Sullivan) and Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) love triangle that’s seemingly brewing. Just off the heels of a Newman Enterprise victory, complexities within the family’s various relationships carry on; especially as it pertains to the not-so-close brothers, Adam and Nick.

Those that tuned into Monday’s episode surely noticed the early comings of Adam’s jealousy towards Sage’s rekindled romance with Nick. Adam was merely chatting with Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) about his take on them having another baby, Shortly after, Nick and Sage — in a hot-and-heavy lip-lock — stumble inside to Adam’s dismay. As of late, Adam has had his hands tied up trying to rid Newman Enterprises of the Santoris. This hasn’t sat well with Chelsea, which is a true indicator of their slow-growing rift. While Adam continues showing love and affection to his wife, he’s been more inclined to have emotional chat sessions with Sage, who recently moved next door.

Throughout the move, Nick — who failed repeatedly to convince Sage to return home — has been vying for her old love. The two have drifted apart since baby Christian’s death. Unbeknownst to them, the baby is alive and in Sharon’s (Sharon Case) custody as the adopted Sully; a secret Victor (Eric Braeden) has threatened Adam with exposing. If Adam’s secret is revealed, it has the potency to halt any future romance with Sage. It could also bring Nick closer to Sage and significantly reduce the pain and trauma the two have suffered living this lie.

On the other hand, if baby Sully’s true identity is never revealed, Adam’s history with Sage could eventually draw the two back together. Also working in Adam’s favor is Dr. Sandy Anderson’s (Elizabeth Bogush) relentless pursuit of wooing Nick back into her arms. Since a relationship-gone-wrong during the their teenage years – Nick doesn’t recognize her — Sandy has proved she’ll do whatever it takes to win him back. However, she’s made the goal of luring Nick back a tedious one, as she’s indirectly given him bad advice on his situation with Sage. On Monday, Nick admitted to her that he didn’t take her advice with Sage. This caught Sandy off-guard, as she insisted that Sage may be her next patient if she doesn’t properly mourn Christian’s death.

While Adam has cleaned up his act since blowing his cover as Gabriel Bingham, he’s shown that he’s capable of deceit. Lately, Nick has proven himself as the quintessential nice guy, which may hurt his chances with Sage if she regresses back into the woman married to Gabe.

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