Yorma – ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’


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First of all, I must admit that Cardi B. is funny. I beginning to like her. She is very entertaining.

Yorma on the other hand, needs to NOT step up to ANY female over her cheating man. Yorma should have confronted SELF, her man. She already knew that he was cheating, before Cardi B. approached him.

Women, Ladies, Females have got to stop the violent confrontations, and physical altercations against one another, and starts holding your men accountable for their lies and cheating.

Beating up one another, about a lying and cheating man, does absolutely zero for the relationship. Primarily, because he will not stop the cheating.He will be on to the next, and the next. Temptation is hell. They are having a very difficult time fighting off their attraction to beautiful women. Beautiful women are every where.

So if you can’t trust your man in your presence, you definitely cannot trust him in your absence.


Cardi B. was wrong. Self told her he was f’ing her on the low, she was wrong for running up on him when he was with his girlfriend. Cardi B. needs to learn that when you are a side hoe you don’t get acknowledged, especially in front of the girlfriend.

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