The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Will Abby & Stitch Last?

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The Young and the Restless returns on Tuesday with its usual drama. Abby (Melissa Ordway) queries Stitch (Sean Carrington) on whether he’s slept with Ashley (Eileen Davidson) while Jack (Peter Bergman) decides if it’s worth his family’s pain to take down Victor (Eric Braeden) with a press conference announcement.

Here’s what you need to know for Tuesday’s Y&R.

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Stitch & Abby May Last After All

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Abby — pictured left — confronts Ashley — pictured right — over her lies about Stitch. (CBS Screenshot)

Unbeknownst to Abby, Stitch professed his love for Ashley and the lie about the Newman Tower Fire is just the beginning of deception. Ashley — for her own closure — convinced Victor to allow Abby and Stitch to marry on New Year’s Eve.

On Tuesday, fans got their answer to Y&R’s initial tweet when Stitch reveals the truth to Abby about the moment he had with Ashley in the Newman Tower fire. He admits that he told her mother he loved her, but only because he thought they were going to die’ it wasn’t what he feels for Abby. Abby wants to know if Ashley is in love with Stitch and if that’s the only reason she wants them married. Abby thinks Ashley still “has a thing for” Stitch. Abby says that for once, it’s not her that messed a relationship up. Stitch says he’s telling her this because he wants to build a marriage on honesty and get this right. Abby says he can’t expect a marriage after that.

Stitch tells Dylan (Steve Burton) that Abby took off. He says whatever he felt for Ashley is over. Dylan says he is rooting for Stitch and Abby, but he can’t just turn off his feelings with Ashley. Stitch meets with Dylan and is surprised to hear that he married Sharon. Stitch is afraid that his only Christmas gift will be his engagement ring being given back. Abby wants to know why her mother lied and if she loves Stitch.

Ashley insists to Abby that nothing is going on between her and Ben. Ashley says the reason for their connection was because they “were measuring their future in minutes.” She says that they may care for each other, but Abby and him love each other. Ashley wants Stitch to make her daughter happy. Ben appears and says, “You’re damn right I will.”

Stitch says that nearly dying in the fire made him realize how much he wanted to live and spend the rest of his life with Abby. Ashley leaves to take a call. Stitch apologizes and promises they’ll be no more secrets, just honesty, love and the good kind of chocolate chip ice cream. She agrees to marry him again as they kiss.

Jack Has a Change of Heart

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Jack reconsiders his stance against Victor after taking Phyllis’s reputation into account. (CBS Screenshot)

After being riled up by brother Billy (Burgess Jenkins) and digging deep for hate, Jack is on the cusp of exposing Victor at a press conference for who he is. However, there are two issues with that: (1) He would also compromises his own freedom and opens himself up to being jailed for the Marco (Peter Bergman) situation. (2) Put the Abbotts, especially Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) reputation in jeopardy.

Ashley pleads with Jack to not reveal the truth about his crimes and Victor. Victor tells Phyllis to stop Jack, but she warns him he better pack up and leave town. At the press conference podium, Jack says he wants to tell the whole story. As he’s speaking, he notices a teary-eyed Phyllis. Jack says he’s proud of Jabot and the integrity his late father, John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) build its foundation on. Phyllis vents to Michael (Christian LeBlanc) that she doesn’t believe Jack’s going through with this. Jack looks over at Phyllis again and backtracks, ultimately saying that they’ll be no announcement.Victor approaches saying he has a “helluva scoop” on Jack they oughta hear about. Jack says he didn’t want to hurt his wife and intensely stares down Victor, who says they’re lucky he accepted the deal. Jack says the war ends now. Victor says he’ll always protect his family and Newman Enterprises. Jack insists that for the $500 million, Victor can’t pursue any further legalities. Victor takes the podium and says that despite the virus and Newman Tower fire, Newman Enterprises has enough funds to restart its business.

Ashley tells Jack he did the right thing. Jack says he’d “pay any amount of money to get that smug bastard out of our lives.” Jack tells Phyllis he wouldn’t be a good man if he cleaned his conscious at Phyllis’s expense. He loves their life together too much. Jack wants them to celebrate. Phyllis says she’s not sure she made Santa’s nice list. Jack wants her to make the naughty list; they kiss.

Billy approaches and apologizes for his part in the Victor situation. Jack says it was Billy’s brainchild and the damage he caused is irreparable. Jack tells Billy that he made their Dad role in his grave. Billy says he’ll make it up to him. Jack says he’ll always be an Abbott but he’ll never work for Jabot Cosmetics again. Phyllis says he didn’t have to cut Billy off like that. Jack says it doesn’t always have to be about her.

Nick Confides in Sharon Over Sage

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Nick turns to Sharon for advice on his failing relationship with Sage. (CBS Screenshot)

Nick (Joshua Morrow) will confide in Sharon (Sharon Case) about his troubles with Sage (Kelly Sullivan). Sage has been keeping her distance from Nick while she struggles to mourn the death of baby Christian.

On Tuesday, Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) tells Sharon that she’s been thinking about baby Christian; didn’t meet him, but she loved him. Dylan and Nick arrive. Dylan leaves and Nick tells Sharon about Sage moving out. Sharon is sorry that he has to now grieve the loss of two children. Nick says that he’s trying to treat Sage better than he treated her. While Sharon helps Faith find her apron, Nick picks up and talks to baby Sully; this makes Sharon happy. Nick thinks that he’ll learn more from Sully than Sully will learn from him.

Billy Loses His Family & Jabot

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Billy Abbott continues failing at his attempts to get his family back. (CBS)

Between a DWI and his vile hate for Victor, Billy finds himself increasingly alone. Tuesday’s episode featured him begging Victoria for one more chance. In front of Victoria, Billy informs Nikki — who just arrived — about their family troubles. Victoria says he’s lied too many times and that he should leave. Billy says he doesn’t want his mistake ruining what they could have. Billy says he may have gotten multiple chances, but Victor has done far worse.

Victoria thinks that he hates Victor more than he loves her and the children. Billy angrily asks Nikki if she wants to take a shot at him too. She says she has no right to say a word. Nikki says that when Billy is ready there is still hope. Billy says his only hope is getting Victoria back. Victor appears and tells Billy that he singlehandedly responsible for his family’s downfall. Billy points the blame at Victor for this. Victor thanks him for the large amount of cash he’s receiving from the Abbots. Billy leaves as Victor says “good riddance.”

Michael enters for Victor’s signature. Victor gives him a gingerbread cookie. victor signs. They took different sides and they respect each other. Nick says he wouldn’t be too sure about it. Victor gets word 500 mill is being transferred. Ashley hears that the money to Victor went through but then has a headache and faints.

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