The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Lily’s Fate Revealed

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The Young and the Restless returned on Friday, December 11 with an all-new drama-filled installment. The tension in Genoa City is continues heating up just in time for the holidays.

Friday’s Y&R episode featured several heartfelt moments; both good and bad. Dylan (Steve Burton) requests Sharon’s (Sharon Case) impromptu hand at marriage and Sage (Kelly Sullivan) reveals where she’ll live to Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) and Adam (Justin Hartley). Also,  Cane’s (Daniel Goddard) search for Lily (Christel Khalil), bringing about some unexpected grief.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cane’s Rescue Falls Short of Lily’s Expectations

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Lily finds herself in danger as she fights to escape Joe’s imprisonment. (CBS Screenshot)

On Thursday’s episode, Lily lured Joe into hanging with her only to unexpectedly find herself stranded with him. Lily, Cane and now Devon (Bryton James) are all aware of her plan to get Joe’s confession on his bogus ransom note to frame Cane. In Friday’s installment, Cane becomes worried when Lily doesn’t answer his call. Cane heads to the station to report it to Paul, who’s off playing Santa. Meanwhile, at the Abbott cabin, Joe is getting more convinced that Lily is trying to set him up.

While with Devon, Joe realizes where Lily could be:

“The Abbott cabin is nearby. It would be the perfect place they could be alone and she could get Joe to talk.”

Joe continuous yelling at Lily for faking her and Cane were finished. Lily insists they go back to Genoa City to talk about it. Joe refuses, saying “some people have to learn the hard way.” Lily is scared, but says she doesn’t believe Joe would do what Cane did to her. Joe is confused at why Lily would want to go back to Cane. She acknowledges her chemistry with Joe, but says she owes it to her kids to try with Cane. This further angers Joe, who becomes physically rougher with Lily. But Cane and Devon show up. Joe admits that he wrote the fake ransom note and should’ve done it sooner; Paul appears to arrest him.

Lily is thankful for Cane’s rescue but is expecting another chance at romance. She’s happy the plan worked and hopes it shows Cane she believes in him. Cane is still upset Lily slept with Joe twice and isn’t sure he can get past it. Lily refuses his assistance, heading to the car solo. Later on, she’s in hysterics by herself.

Sage Tells Adam & Chelsea Where She’ll Live

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Sage has some info for Chelsea that may have her taking a stance to save her marriage. (CBS Screenshot)

Sage comes in Adam and Chelsea’s residence to let them in on her future living accommodations:

“I did something crazy.”

Sage announces that she’ll be moving next door. She also informs them that Dr. Anderson encouraged her to not second guess herself; to do what’s best for the baby’s father and her. She also promises Adam and Chelsea that she won’t always be over; they insist it’s no problem. Later on, Adam, Chelsea, Sage and Connor bond together making Christmas decorations.

Chelsea apologizes to Sage for bringing Connor around her. Sage says it’s therapeutic and she’s feeling human again. After Chelsea leaves to put Connor to bed, Adam and Sage toast their Brandy drinks. Adam says their is nothing wrong with her. Adam has a heart-to-heart with Sage, telling her that the emptiness over Christian will never disappear, but scar tissue will grow over it. Adam can relate since he lost everything once and regained it all. Sage says she only sees pain in a future wish Nick, which she feels bad about. Adam continues stressing that there’s hope for Sage’s future. Later on, Sage, Chelsea and Adam bond with one another.

Dylan & Sharon Wed While Dr. Anderson Schemes

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Dylan and Sharon get a very special wedding guest when the uninvited Dr. Sandy Anderson shows up. (CBS Screenshot)

Dylan pulled out all the stops to keep his impromptu marriage request intact. Since Sharon already had his engagement ring, he presented her with a bride and a groom ornament. Dylan asks Sharon to marry him on the spot. She initially appears surprised, but says yes. Nick says he’ll just get Faith in the morning; they want Nick to stay over. Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Noah (Robert Adamson) are shocked to see Dr. Anderson there. Sandy tells Sharon she came to drop her phone off; Sharon wants her to stay. Paul — in Santa attire — ditches the online wedding script for one of his own. Faith says it’s all wrong because Sully needs to be more involved. Sully is brought over.

Dylan and Sharon exchange vows with one another, expressing how happy they make each other. They are now husband and life as Noah passes out champagne. Mariah tells Noah how uncanny she thinks Dr. Anderson’s presence there is. Sandy talks about how gratifying it is to see Sharon grow and thrive. Nick is glad to see Sharon happy, as she wants the same for him. While walking Sandy out, Nick queries her on why she’s single. Sandy says she’s married to her work and it’s helped her get over a past love lost. She’s been healing herself. Sandy says that “mystery man” was down to earth and similar to Nick. Sandy says there’s now a possibility she could date again.

The Young and the Restless airs Monday thru Friday on CBS at 12:30pm ET. Be sure to check back with Heavy for all the latest spoilers.

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