‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 11 Live Recap & Spoilers

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American Horror Story is back. Check out our full live recap of tonight’s twisted episode below …

The episode starts out with Liz Taylor filling several guns, along with Iris. Iris tells Taylor that The Countess is back in the hotel. The two turn and head straight for the penthouse to shoot The Countess, but Donovan gets in the way. On the previous episode, that’s where we left the scene, with Iris and Taylor coming in guns blazing.

The Countess, though shot multiple times, escapes the room while Donovan lays dying. Iris is upset because she didn’t mean to shoot her son, only The Countess. Donovan pleads with them to take him outside so that he wouldn’t die in the hotel. Iris and Taylor carry him outside and when he realizes he is safe from the hotel, Donovan utters his last words – “Thank you, MOM.”

The Countess ends up with Hypodermic Sally who is pulling out her bullets with her fingers as The Countess screams in agony. After passing out, The Countess asks Sally why she saved her. Sally says she needs her. She then makes The Countess promise she’ll never leave her. Sally then reminisces about an old drug dealer of hers as well as a couple of musicians who were good to her in the 1990s. She flashes back to 1993 and says that they thought she had songwriting talent. One day, Sally and the two musicians decide to get a room together at Hotel Cortez. There, they engage in a threesome mixed with drugs. Sally then thought it would be a good idea to sew the three of them together. Unfortunately, her two friends died in the process. Ms. Evers appears in the room, but she tells Sally she won’t help them. Sally laid there for five days, but on day two, the addiction demon showed up and tortured her for three days. After the third day, she broke free.

Sally then tells The Countess that she doesn’t want her. She says she actually wants John Lowe and needs The Countess to get him back to the hotel. She wants The Countess to bring him back and kill her so that he’s there forever.

The Countess asks Sally to bring Donovan to her and Sally reveals that Donovan is dead, making The Countess very upset.

In the next scene, John, his wife Alex, son Holden and their daughter all arrive home. John and Alex tells their daughter that she must keep Holden’s return a secret.

The Countess needs blood like hers in order to heal. Sally decides to take the blood from two of her “children”. She cries that she’d rather die because taking their blood would kill them. The children tell her that they are happy to help their mommy. The Countess sobs as Sally sticks them all with needles. Once The Countess has drained two of “her children” of her blood, she asks to be left alone.

Liz Taylor has burned Donovan’s body in the furnace and gives Iris her son’s ashes. The two then discuss what may have happened to The Countess. Taylor leaves Iris alone with her son’s ashes. Iris begins to scatters the ashes on the bed and runs them through her fingers as she talks out loud, addressing her son. Iris confesses that Donovan got his mean streak from her. Iris covers herself in her son’s ashes and asks Ms. Evers to get rid of all the ashes. She tells her to clean up all the remnants of her son. Iris then heads to the roof of the hotel, holds her hands out in the air and looks around at the city. The scene then goes to black.

Iris and Liz Taylor are next shown in the hallway together, trying to figure out what to do about The Countess. Their solution is to let Ramona Royale loose and have her deal with The Countess. Upon opening the sealed off section of the hotel, the two find all the dead and drained children and bodies. They are then confronted by Ramona, who thinks they are both still working with The Countess. Ramona is irate. Taylor apologizes to Ramona, but says she’s not feeling like herself. Ramona says she needs to take a life to bring her “back to life”. Iris and Taylor go in search of “dinner” and find a new guest named Queenie checking into the lobby. She says she’s in town to win money on The Price Is Right. Queenie then reveals she’s a witch.

When Iris takes Queenie to her hotel room, Queenie says that she has a bad feeling about the room and wants another room. While Iris and Liz Taylor leave, pretending to see if they have another available room, Ramona Royale jumps out and tries to kill her. Unfortunately for Ramona, Queenie is a human voodoo doll. Anything done to Queenie automatically gets down to Ramona. As Queenie is about to end Ramona’s life, the ghost of Mr. March stabs her to death. Because March is a ghost, her powers do not work on him. Ramona feasts on her blood and asks why March helped her. March tells her he needs her to kill The Countess so that she’s bound to the hotel forever.

In the next scene, John is shown bringing home groceries with a kidnapped man in his trunk. He arrives home to what appears to be an empty house. He calls out to his children and wife, but there is no answer. He then sees a key from the Hotel Cortez hanging in front of him.

Armed, John ventures back into the hotel in search of his family. He finds Sally and holds a gun to her throat. Sally tells John that Mr. March has his family. Sally tells John that he needs one more kill in order to get his family back.

Next we see Ramona Royale back to her old self and dressed up in Liz Taylor’s room. Iris tells Ramona that The Countess has never been more vulnerable.

The Countess makes her way around the penthouse, still healing from her wounds. She lights a cigarette and realizes that Ramona is in the room. Ramona tells The Countess she has witches’ blood in her veins and that she feels strong. The Countess tells Ramona that she is a curse because no one who gets close to her survives. The Countess apologizes to Ramona and tells her to cut her some slack. She then offers to give Ramona the hotel, telling her that staying at the hotel once made her feel safe. The Countess says that she no longer wants to be in the hotel.

Ramona says she finds it difficult to actually kill her, being in the same room with her, given their history together. The Countess kisses her and tells her that she wants to leave with her baby boy. Ramona doesn’t reply and The Countess says she can kill her, but to first have sex with her. The Countess is then shown fully-clothed, about to leave the hotel, fully-packed. While waiting for the elevator, the doors open to reveal John Lowe, who shoots The Countess dead. The Countess is his last kill as he needed a murderer.

We see March, John and Sally in the trophy room of body parts with The Countess’ head as the final trophy. March congratulates John as Sally tries to stab him. March stops Sally and tells her there is too much at stake to kill him. John leaves the room and tells March he needs to get his family.

Ms. Evers and Mr. March are in the dining room, talking about when they first realized they were ghosts. March is awaiting the ghost of The Countess as his dinner guest. He extends his hand to The Countess, who tells him that she has no pain but no passion. March tells her that the two are together again and that he forgives her for originally calling the police on him. She says that she never called the police on him. Ms. Evers then confesses that she called the police because she wanted March for herself. She said she wanted March and herself to die together so that he could see her devotion. Evers asks him if he feels nothing at all for her and she then pleads with him to let her be happy.

March quietly and firmly then tells Ms. Evers to get out, telling her that she is banished from his presence. Ms. Evers takes off her apron and says she feels strangely free, that she will no longer wait on him. Ms. Evers then leaves the room.

The Countess and March raise their glasses as March toasts to their being together for eternity.The Countess begins to cry as she sips from her glass.