When Will New Episodes of ‘Arrow’ Start?

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Arrow won’t be back for another week, but we’ve got a whole new batch of spoilers to keep us busy. (Facebook)

We feel your pain, Arrow fans.

We’ve also come up with about a dozen different possibilities for Felicity’s future, debated with anyone who will listen about who is in that grave and tried to stop counting the hours until new episodes start.

That doesn’t mean new episodes will begin any time soon though. We’ve still got another week of reruns before we start to get any kind of answers. That’s right, Arrow won’t be back until January 20.

Luckily, we’ve got spoilers. New spoilers. Lots of new spoilers. Watch and read at your own risk. You’ve officially been warned.

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So, what’s wrong with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards)? The rumors have gotten a little bit far fetched since that trailer was released, but one seems to have taken a fairly strong fandom hold.

Could Felicity actually be temporarily paralyzed? And possibly become the Oracle? After all, the Oracle is a wheelchair-bound tech-savvy alter ego for DC Comics’ Barbara Gordon. And, for some added fuel to the fire, Season 3’s Felicity-focused episode was first titled “Oracle” before being changed.

It’s time to move past that theory. It’s not happening. At least not according to executive producer Wendy Mericle. She told TVLine:

That’s something we definitely talked about [doing] with Felicity in the beginning…. But yeah, it will not be Oracle, sadly. People have to tune in to see what happens.

But wait, there’s more. And we have Australia to thank for this latest round of spoilers.

A country-based preview trailer has some fairly serious Felicity spoilers. The good news is Felicity is alive. The bad news, is, while she won’t be the Oracle, she also won’t walk again.


Check it out:

VideoVideo related to when will new episodes of ‘arrow’ start?2016-01-13T15:30:28-05:00

It seems fairly obvious now that Oliver (Stephen Amell) is talking about Damien when he tells Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) he’s going to kill him. But that doesn’t answer the question of who is in that grave?

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim may have dropped some hints as to when we find out. He told IGN that the back half of the season is set to gear up our hero against the Big Bad, but then added “we’re going to throw a hard six in episode 15 that I think will surprise people…We’re going to do something that’s never been done before on ‘Arrow’ with the Big Bad. Fifteen is a real game-changer episode for us.”

Sign. Us. Up.

Arrow returns on January 20 and airs at 8 p.m. ET Wednesdays on the CW.

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