Ben Higgins’ Tragic Loss on ‘The Bachelor’

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, Ben Higgins opens up more than any other Bachelor star seems to. He goes on a date with Lauren Bushnell and talks about his family, revealing that his father had a major health scare before filming. Higgins got a phone call that his father had a blockage with his heart and that he had to undergo triply bypass surgery. So, Higgins hopped on a plane and flew to be by his family’s side. It was truly a touching and very relatable story to hear and you can watch a clip of it above.

But, this was not the only big moment for Higgins on tonight’s episode. Higgins gets a phone call from home and he receives some tragic news. Two people who were close to his family passed away in a plane crash and they were strong pillars in Higgins’ community at home. Teary-eyed, Higgins tells the girls that he’s a big shaken up, but he’s still so excited to be with them. Watch the sad moment in the below clip.

The first girl to jump at the chance to console Higgins was cast member Olivia, whose method was to cry about having “cankles”. Higgins was not happy about the conversation.

Then, Jubilee showed up to give Higgins a massage and use her time with him to show that she wanted to make him feel a little better. This angered the other women, but made Higgins feel a little bit better in a stressful time.

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