WATCH: Erika ‘Jayne’ Girardi’s Sexy Music Videos

Erika Girardi’s alter ego Erika Jayne gets a harsh critique from guest Bethenny Frankel on tonight’s episode of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” The women are all sitting down to dinner and Erika shows Bethenny her latest music video. Unfortunately, Bethenny’s response is not as positive as Erika may have hoped. Bethenny’s response was:

I don’t love the production value of it. I think it goes too slow in the beginning and it looks cheap. I think it was trying to be a little avant-garde, but it’s not quite getting it with that silver cheesy bed.

Ouch. Even the other women try to jump to Erika’s defense. Check out the awkward clip above.

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As for Erika’s racy music videos, you can check some of her more recent ones below. Enjoy!