Iman, David Bowie’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

David bowie wife iman

Model Iman (L) and musician David Bowie attend the 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards. Iman is a successful model who has been a longtime supporter of her husband. (Getty)

Iman, David Bowie‘s wife, had been married to Bowie since 1992. They have one daughter together, Alexandria Zahra Jones, born in 2000. Iman, a supermodel, has led an exciting life and been a big supporter of her husband. Bowie passed away surrounded by his family, a spokesman reported.

Here’s what you need to know about Iman.

1. When Iman & Bowie Met, It Was Love at First Sight for Bowie

iman, david bowie wife

It was love at first sight for David Bowie, but Iman took a little longer to warm up to the star. (Getty)

David Bowie and Iman Abdulmajid were married on April 24, 1992. They have a daughter, Alexandria Zahra Jones. Iman was previously married to Spencer Haywood, a former pro basketball player. She has another daughter with him, Zulekha Haywood. Alexandria was born nearly 22 years after her older sister, People reported. Iman said that they had tried IVF to get pregnant and nothing happened. She and Bowie were actually considering adoption when they learned Iman was pregnant, so they consider Alexandria their miracle baby.

And as far as Bowie and Iman’s relationship goes, it was love at first sight for David Bowie when he first met Iman, The Independent reported. He had said in interviews that he was naming their children on the first night that they met. But for Iman, the same feelings took a little longer to grow. She wasn’t ready for a relationship yet, especially with an entertainer. She told The Independent: “I fell in love with David Jones. I did not fall in love with David Bowie. Bowie is just a persona.” She said her husband was more of a homebody than her.

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2. Iman Lied About Her Age in Order to Leave Kenya

iman, david bowie wife

This photo shows David Bowie and Iman in their earlier years together. (Getty)

Iman fudged the truth a little when she first moved to the US from Kenya, The Daily Mail reported. She was under 18, but to get a passport without her parent’s permission she had to be 18. So she said that she was 19, assuming that her parents — a gynecologist and a diplomat — wouldn’t approve. They found out a week later while reading Newsweek. She was studying at Nairobi University at the time when she left for the United States.

3. She Has a Successful Modeling Career & a Cosmetics Line, but Her Passion Is Philanthropy

iman, david bowie wife

Iman was a striking supermodel, but her passion has been philanthropy and charity. (Getty)

Iman was first discovered in Nairobi by photographer Peter Beard. She was invited to the United States by the Wilhelmina modeling agency, The Daily Mail reported. She quickly rose to fame, modeling for Valentino Garavani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Donna Karen. In 1989, she retired from modeling and founded Iman Cosmetics in 1994. In 2010, she said her legacy was going to be in cosmetics, not modeling.

Since then, however, her true passion has grown to be philanthropy and charity work, according to The Independent. She supports Hawa Abdi Foundation, an organization focused on bringing basic human rights to Somalia. She has also worked at shining the spotlight on racism in the fashion industry. In 1998, she helped start a charitable cosmetic line, Misdemeanor Lipstick, that supported an organization called Break the Cycle that was focused on helping children and teens who were victims of domestic abuse, The Borgen Project reported. IMAN Cosmetics also raised money to protect and empower Congolese women.

Bowie was often right by her side in her philanthropic efforts. In late 1990, they participated in a fundraiser focused on curing AIDS. In 2006, Bowie collaborated with Alicia Keys and performed live at a concert benefitting Keep a Child Alive. Iman was also there, hosting the black-tie dinner.

4. The 60-Year-Old Has Said She’s Comfortable With Aging Gracefully

60 is the new 60! Beat by @porschefabulous #IMAN:60

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The 60-year-old has publicly stated that she is comfortable with aging gracefully. “I’ve never felt more comfortable being inside myself,” she told Bazaar. In celebration of her 60th birthday, she used the hashtag #IMAN60 on Instagram to share her wisdom and to celebrate 60 years of life.

Iman’s Twitter account is often focused on encouraging others to stay strong through their struggles. Just days before his death, she posted the following message on her Twitter account:

And hours before, she posted the following:

5. Her Net Worth Is $30 Million

david bowie wife, iman

Iman uses her fortune to help others. (Getty)

Iman has had a very successful career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has a net worth of $30 million. It all started when she did her first photos for Vogue for $8,000. After that, she skyrocketed into fame but stayed humble, always remembering the importance of charity and helping others. She and Bowie were very close, and the family has asked for privacy after his passing.