Alan Rickman on Netflix: Movies You Can Watch Right Now

Alan Rickman Dead Cancer


There are six movies that feature the great man streaming on Netflix right now. On January 14, the world was shocked to learn that Alan Rickman had passed away in London at the age of 69. He had been battling cancer. Unfortunately, some of Rickman’s classic roles aren’t available on Netflix right now, notably his career-making turn as Hans Gruber in Die Hard.

Here are the best Rickman flicks available for streaming right now:

Probably the best Rickman movie on Netflix is 1999’s Galaxy Quest. He plays Sir Alexander Dane, a classically trained British actor who took on a role in a cult science fiction show. It’s a part that Dane deeply despises but Rickman clearly doesn’t.

Portraying inhuman monsters who couldn’t possibly be real was something that Rickman was lauded for. In 2013’s Lee Daniels’ The Butler, Rickman took on the part of his worst villain, former president Ronald Reagan. During the movie, Rickman causes Daniels resignation after Rickman’s Reagan continues to support South Africa’s apartheid regime.

A lesser known Rickman turn is 2008’s Bottle Shock, which follows the story of the 1976 “Judgement of Paris.” That was the first time that Californian wine defeated French in a series of blind taste tests. In the movie, Rickman plays Steven Spurrier, the real life wine merchant. After the film was released, Spurrier was not happy, threatening legal action and saying, “There is hardly a word that is true in the script and many, many pure inventions as far as I am concerned.”

Coming in next is 2012’s Coen brother scripted Gambit, a remake of the 1966 Michael Caine/Shirley MacLaine movie. It was never released in theaters and was badly received by critics.

A role showing Rickman’s versatility comes in 2013’s CBGB based on the New York City punk venue of the same name. Rickman plays the club’s founder Hilly Kristal. The movie got bad reviews.

We’ll end on a ludicrous note that’s only for people who really can’t sleep. It’s 2001’s Blow Dry. I’ll say this, Josh Hartnett plays a British hair dresser in the 1970s.

If the wizard with the controls to the Netflix vault is reading this, these are the movies we need to see online soon: