Lace Morris, ‘The Bachelor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Denver real estate agent Lace Morris is one of the contestants to watch on The Bachelor this season. She’s described as a bit of a mess and she definitely rubs some of the other contestants the wrong way. Read on for all the details on Lace, along with some major show spoilers, including the winner, so beware.

1. She Was Rejected By Ben Higgins On the Premiere

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On the premiere night of the season, Morris tricked star Ben Higgins into giving her a kiss. She then started drinking and tried to get him to kiss her later on even though they didn’t know each other well. It was a bit awkward and visibly made Higgins uncomfortable. Fortunately, Higgins was able to gather himself and let Morris know that he wanted to get to know her better before they just started making out. Morris was not happy about this.

2. Morris Seems to Be a Drama-Starter

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When girls started to arrive at the mansion after each limo arrival, Morris couldn’t help but talk trash to the camera or openly laugh at them. She continued to drink and clearly became intoxicated. What was worse is that even though Higgins gave her a rose, she decided to confront him after the rose ceremony. She said that he wouldn’t even look at her and Higgins was at a loss for words because the argument just didn’t make sense.

3. Higgins Has Explained Why Morris Wasn’t Eliminated On Night One

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Many viewers were wondering why Higgins didn’t eliminate Morris on the first night after such a bad first impression and Higgins told Entertainment Tonight:

Patience is how you should confront any situation. It’s a long day, a long night, you’re walking into a house with a bunch of women you just met and trying to wrap your brain around the whole situation and I get that it’s hard. Right away I noticed she didn’t want to hold in her feelings and thoughts, she wanted to express them, and that helps me out to know where everybody is at.

Higgins then said that Morris was very open and honest with him on the first night, which is why he kept her on the show.

4. She Does Not Win The Bachelor 2016

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Don’t worry. Lace Morris is not the winner of the 2016 season for The Bachelor. According to Reality Steve, Ben Higgins is currently engaged to contestant Lauren Bushnell.

5. Morris Reportedly Quits the Show

While you would think its Higgins who kicks Morris to the curb, Reality Steve reports that it is Morris who actually quits and it all goes down in episode 3 of the show. Reality Steve writes that Morris and Higgins continued to butt heads and Morris decided to go home during the the cocktail party, before the rose ceremony.