Lauren D’Andria Williams – Porsha Williams’ Pregnant Sister

Lauren D'Andria Williams

Lauren D'Andria Williams is the sister and longtime executive assistant of Porsha Williams from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Because she is pregnant, we see that Porsha has to adjust to not having her around all the time. In addition to being Porsha's assistant, Lauren is also the co-owner and supervisor at NAKED Virgin Hair, Porsha's hair extension line. According to Wet Paint, Lauren's goals in life include opening up a dance school, magazine modeling, and, at some point, moving overseas. Lauren also has talked about the relationship she has with her sister, gushing that: My sister and I are extremely close … We are now best friends and pretty much inseparable. When Porsha leaves Georgia for bookings and press runs, I go with her so a lot of our bonding time is spent traveling. We also started a hair company together! Working together so closely has been a challenge but we get better at it every day and fighting is minimal. For more information on Lauren, click through our gallery of her best Instagram pics,which include some photos of her baby daddy Vernon.



Desiree N.

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