Patricia Moore – Kenya Moore’s Mother

On Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’ve seen Kenya Moore talk to her father Ronald Grant about her mother Patricia Moore, who has been absent from her life. Kenya has pain in her heart over the relationship she has and doesn’t have with her parents. Kenya Moore’s parents were both teenagers when they had her in Detroit, Michigan, so it was a difficult situation. In turn, Kenya ended up being raised by her paternal grandmother and aunt after her mother abandoned her at birth. Kenya Moore once revealed to Bravo that her mother never even named her, confessing that:

Since birth, my mother made the decision at age 16 to pretend she never had me. She has never spoken to me. Even if present in the same room with other people and family, she pretends that I simply don’t exist. She pretends I’m invisible.

According to Lipstick Alley, they report that:

In 1993 Patricia claimed, “the door for communication has been and always will remain open”, she has not apologized as Kenya demands. Apparently there were problems before Kenya was born. Patricia declines to discuss the details of the estrangement. “I’m a very private person. It doesn’t matter how dim Kenya portrays me, because I know exactly who I am.” Kenya claims that when she saw her mother as a child at family gatherings, she tried unsuccessfully to make contact. “She would treat me like I was invisible.” Kenya decided when she was 12 to stop trying to communicate with her mother. “I decided never to let her hurt me again,” she explains. Her pain, she admits, turned to anger, most of which she directed at her grandmother. Though she lived for a few years with Patricia’s well-off family, Kenya was raised primarily by Doris, who lived with her husband, Virgil, and their five children in an impoverished neighborhood in west Detroit, Doris, caretaker of an elderly couple, scraped together money to buy a gown for Kenya’s first pageant at 14. “I was bitter. I hurt her feelings, saying, ‘You’re not my mother.’”

On tonight’s episode of RHOA, Kenya tries to get her mother to talk to her after the breakthrough she had with her father Ronald. Check out a preview clip below.

When Kenya arrived at her mother’s house, she knocked on the door and identified herself. She heard a voice inside say to not open the door and then she said she heard the lock get turned.

Kenya Moore ran away from home when she was just 12 years old and her father didn’t talk to her for five years. She confessed on RHOA that:

I have always had an on-again, off-again relationship with my dad. We don’t necessarily see eye to eye. But he’s one of the few family members I’m still in touch with.

Kenya did admit that she was selfish in running away and apologized for the pain she had caused her father, but she also let him know that she was hurt as well.

Patricia Moore, Kenya’s mother, is reported to be a special education teacher in Detroit, Michigan.




Kenya Moore’s mother is an evil BITCH! There is no way regardless of what happened years ago that I would deny my child that way, PERIOD! Grow the heck up and embrace your child!


You can’t speak for anyone but yourself. Sure, most mothers love the baby they carry for 9 months and give birth to but it’s Patricia’s life. It’s not for us to judge her. The person we know as Kenya Moore is an evil and very mean person. Personally, I don’t feel bad for her. She argues to everyone she meets unless she has something to gain be being nicer. With her looks, she should have men tearing her door down. With her evil and very mean personality…no man wants her. So in my opinion, maybe her mother feels embarrassment from the witch she portrays on TV. Who can blame her. Kenya is a bitch.


I totally agree. Any man that wants her must b getting paid. She is tooo old to be acting like that. Very nasty n childish. God help her


Why is Kenya on housewives any ways she’s not even married. Such a joke….I stopped watching this show bcuz she is Not a house wife period!!!!!!


I so happy that you had the best life had to offer as a child,if not I wish you all the best life has to offer. I pray no one speak badly about you. R


Some of these comments are ridiculous. A child doesnt ask to be here and whatever your circumstance its your responsibilty as a parent to be there for your child. If you have issues go get help so you can move forward. You’re telling me after almost 50 years you’re still so bitter and angry? Bitterness eats you out and how can someone carry that around for so long. Its for Kenya now to be at peace, seek conselling and move on. I like her but remember what you go through as a child will affect you and relationships with people if not dealt with, because that is all you know. Even love from others wont make up for the rejection from a parent. It’s crying out for a mother’s love which spills out on others. Now shes older, she has to take responsibility. What can a person with parental issues teach a child. Its been too long for a mother to be so angry so shame on that mother.

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