PHOTOS: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, ‘Arrow’

Stephen Amell is a superhero. Or at least he plays on on TV. The star of the CW hit Arrow, Amell has found his niche on TV playing the hot-shooting (and very ripped) Oliver James. He's also having the time of his life. Every time he suits up in that green outfit and masks, picks up his bow and arrow and steps out on to set, Amell also might believe that he could actually be a superhero. And we don't really disagree. After all, this is a guy who has organized fan conventions to speak one-on-one with those who spend an hour in front of their TV screens once a week, desperate for the latest Olicity update and has done more charity work than some of his contemporaries will do in their entire careers. So, yeah, Amell plays a superhero on TV, but he's also doing a pretty good job of being a hero in real life as well. Click through the gallery to learn more about Amell's work on and off the set as well as some of his biggest passion projects. (Instagram)

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