Terry & Helen Wogan: Photos of the BBC Star & His Wife Through the Years

The broadcasting world is still reeling from the news that Sir Terry Wogan has passed away at the age of 77. Here's the woman who stood by him for over 40 years and nursed him through his final days. The famed BBC host married his sweetheart Helen Joyce in Dublin in 1965. Together the couple had four children together, tragically their daughter Vanessa died just weeks after her birth. On January 31, as news of Wogan's death spread, Helen released a brief statement saying that she was "awfully, awfully sad but relieved his suffering his over."

The Guardian reports that the loss of Wogan's daughter contributed greatly to the loss of his Catholic faith. Despite this, he remained close friends with priest Father Brian D'Arcy.

The priest told the Guardian that Wogan's suffering from cancer had been very bad in the days before his death. Fr. D'Arcy said, "He was quite ill at that stage and I knew it wasn’t long. We prepared for the worst, and thank God Terry got out of his suffering."

In a 2004 interview with the Guardian, Wogan talked about how he married Helen, then a model in the Dublin suburb of Rathmines in 1965. He also said that the couple were both virgins on their wedding night.

Here are the photos that celebrate the life that the Wogan family led together:

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