‘The Bachelor’ 2016 Spoilers: Season 20 Episode 2

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Tonight is episode 2 of The Bachelor 2016 and we’ve got all the best spoilers on what to expect. The official synopsis of the episode reads: Ten of the women meet Ben at a Los Angeles high school for a trip down memory lane; Ben and Caila’s date features a meeting with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart and a performance by Amos Lee; the Love Lab tests six of the women’s connection with Ben. So, now that you’ve got the official plot description, let’s get into the real dirt on what goes down tonight, who gets eliminated and who gets roses. Keep in mind, if you don’t want to know any big spoilers, stop reading now.

One Contestant Eliminates Herself at the Rose Ceremony

2015, you did me well. I can't wait for 2016!

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Reality Steve reports that: During the rose ceremony, Lauren Barr was offered a rose by Ben but didn’t accept it and left. Apparently the show wasn’t what she expected and she didn’t want to be there anymore.

This leaves just two more contestants without roses – Sam Passmore and Jackie Dion.

Mandi Wins the First Group Date Challenge, But JoJo Gets the Group Date Rose

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You may remember Mandi as the crazy dentist who wore a giant rose on her head during the premiere. For the first group date of the season, Higgins takes the girls to a high school where they have to compete in several obstacles, one of which is actually jumping over hurdles. They also had a science experiment and bobbed for apples. Mandi beat out contestant Amber in the competition and got to ride around the track in a car with star Ben Higgins. But, at the after-party, it was contestant JoJo Fletcher who got the first group date rose of the season.

The teams for this group date were Jubilee with Lace, Jen with LB, Mandi with Amber, Becca with JoJo, and Lauren H. with Jackie.

Lace Morris Continues to Cause Problems

Lace Morris was a bit drunk and tried to force a kiss on star Ben Higgins during the premiere episode. She also confronted Higgins after the rose ceremony and said he barely even looked at her. It was extremely awkward to watch. Apparently, she was desperate to redeem herself this episode and it wasn’t going over as well as she might have hoped. On episode 3, Reality Steve reports that she continues to butt heads with Higgins and she leaves during the cocktail party.

Higgins Shares a Date With Celebrities Kevin Hart and Ice Cube

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For the first one-on-one-date of the season, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart come aboard, straight from the set of their movie Ride Along 2. They pick up Ben Higgins and his date Caila Quinn at the mansion and drive off with them. Kevin Hart then shares an indoor hot tub date with the two. According to ABC: Ben and his date are off on a rollicking, unconventional rendezvous, which will end with a special performance by popular singer-songwriter Amos Lee.

Olivia Caridi Gets the Second Group Date Rose

VideoVideo related to ‘the bachelor’ 2016 spoilers: season 20 episode 22016-01-11T13:09:06-05:00

A contestant who continues to hit it off with Higgins tonight is Olivia Caridi. The chemistry definitely heats up as the two engage in lab testing for compatibility. Each of the girls on this date included Olivia, Sam, Amanda, Emily, Haley, and Shushanna. They all had to run on treadmills, get hooked up to machines and they had Ben Higgins smell them. It was definitely odd.

Jami, Rachel, Lauren B., and Leah did not get dates tonight.

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