Val Mercado, Tyga’s Friend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Val Mercado Instagram page


Despite telling the world that he’s still with Kylie Jenner, Tyga is being seen more-and-more with this aspiring model and singer. The new girl in Tyga’s life has been named by TMZ as aspiring model and singer Val Mercado, 23. Although the gossip site says that Tyga is telling friends that he’s only interested in Mercado for her musical talents.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Was in Paris in December, the Same Time Tyga Was There for a Gig

Val Mercado Instagram page


In their report on Mercado, TMZ refers to her as a “Kylie Jenner look-alike.” The gossip site says that she was Tyga’s guest in Paris during one of his shows there. Photos on both Tyga and Mercado’s Instagram pages show them in the city at the same time. Officially, Kylie and Tyga are still together, but they might be taking some time off from each other while they focus on their respective careers. In an interview with Ellen in November 2015, amid rumors that Jenner and Tyga were splitting, Jenner said, “We became best friends before anything happened so I think that’s awesome and we’re just like, I don’t know, hanging out. Living life … We’re still together.”

2. She Has a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism & Doesn’t Shave Her Legs Unless She Has to

RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME PART 1 || VAL MERCADOHey Loves! Welcome back to my channel, Hope you guys enjoy this video, it's not a get to know me video, I thought I'd start off with a random facts video for now. I'll post a "GET TO KNOW ME VIDEO / Q&A" later on in the coming weeks. If you guys have any questions…2015-11-08T01:43:03Z

In the above video, Mercado explains that she has a bachelors degree in broadcast journalism, graduating with honors. Her name is short for Valeria. She adds in the video that she doesn’t shave her legs unless she has to because she’s wearing a dress and that her biggest fear is a paper cut. Another bombshell in the video is that she’s been in two relationships and was once engaged. An Instagram post from December 2015 showed Mercado with her little brother who is in the U.S. Army.

3. She’s a Native of New York City

Val Mercado Hot Sexy Photos Instagram


In a feature on XXL Magazine, Mercado says that she’s a native of New York City, though she dislikes the city and now lives in Los Angeles. One of her millions of selfies on Instagram shows her at New York Jets game. A separate Maxim feature says that Mercado got her start when she modeled for Seventeen Magazine. She now works as a model for Buffalo Jeans, according to the magazine.

4. She Had 1 Million Followers on Instagram

Everyday Makeup Routine – VAL MERCADOHey! I’m Val Mercado, the face behind @clothesmindedx3 on the interweb! I’ve been wearing the same makeup look for years now and I’d thought I’d share my routine with you. This is a super easy simple makeup look, and perfect for beginners! Also, I made sure to use affordable items so it's easily accessible to…2015-10-17T03:54:59Z

On her Instagram page, Mercado has one million followers. She also operates a “backup” account where she goes by the moniker “@Clothesmindex3.” That account is private and judging by the relatively small number of followers, 852, it may be used for private purposes. That pseudonym is also the one that Mercado uses on her Tumblr page.

5. Prior to the Mercado Story, Tyga Was Last Seen Partying in a Strip Club With Khloe Kardashian’s Beau James Harden

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Jenner and Tyga pictured together in November 2015. (Instagram)

Despite, possibly being involved with two women, the last time Tyga hit the tabloids was earlier in the week when he hit a strip club with James Harden and Scott Disick, reported Radar Online. The trio hit the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles, according to the Daily Mail.

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