Which Scenes Were Cut from Netflix’s ‘Lost’ Finale?

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About 18 minutes were cut from the version of the Lost finale that is running on Netflix. Find out which scenes here. (Getty)

The mysteries that Lost was famous for aren’t over yet, even six years after the show ended. News has recently emerged that Netflix cut about 18 minutes from the 104-minute Lost finale. The version currently shown on Netflix, titled “The End,” is not the version that originally aired. Damon Lindelof, Lost co-creator, has said that the likely reason is that Netflix is using the version that was rerun on ABC (the syndicated version). This version had to be shorter than the original version, EW reported. However, he’s not positive this is the case and didn’t even know about the difference until EW contacted him. Now he’s requesting that Netflix air the original version that isn’t cut. Netflix has agreed and will get the full, uncut version streaming as soon as possible.

So which scenes were cut?

Reports on the Missing Scenes Are Mysteriously Conflicted

A thread on Reddit goes into detail about which scenes were taken out. The mysterious part is that although some people on Reddit reported not being able to find the scenes, others have reported that they distinctly remembered watching the finale on Netflix and seeing the scenes. In fact, some people posted around the same time about seeing different versions of the finale on Netflix. It has since been confirmed that the version on Netflix is not the complete version, but it appears that the complete version may have been on Netflix at some point. In addition, Netflix may be playing a different version in other countries. You can read the entire Reddit thread at this link, but here are the main scenes that were reportedly left out of the version currently airing on Netflix:

Here Are the Scenes Reportedly Missing

Jack and Locke Lowering Desmond Into the Cave

This scene was in Part 2, around 18:48. In the original version, Locke said something about how lowering Desmond into the cave reminded him of the hatch. Jack mentions that Locke isn’t the “real” Locke and he is dishonoring Locke’s memory by wearing Locke’s face.

Richard Having Gray Hair

This is pretty small, but the scene took place around Part 1, 11:54, on a dock before the characters board a small boat to get to the Hydra island. In it, Miles and Richard Alpert are talking. A small comment is made about how Richard has some gray hair. This small comment is actually very significant, as it indicates that Richard’s aging.

Hurley and Ben Talking Outside the Church

This scene takes place around Part 2, 29:13. In the Netflix version, Ben only talks to John outside the church and then the scene cuts to Jack and Kate in the car. But in the original version, Hurley talked to Ben too. Hurley told Ben he was a good “Number 2” and Ben told Hurley that he was a good “Number 1.”

Christian’s Casket Being Unloaded at the Airport

One Redditor also reported that a scene where Christian’s casket was unloaded at the airport was also cut from the version aired on Netflix. This was not confirmed by any other readers, however.

Widmore and Desmond Scene at a Benefit Concert

One Redditor reported that a scene between Widmore and Desmond that took place during a benefit concert was also cut. In that scene, Desmond had told Eloise that he didn’t plan to take Daniel with him.

Did You Spot Any Other Missing Scenes?

By the way, a good guide for comparing the cut scenes with what originally aired can be found at the Lostpedia entry about the finale. One Redditor who was particularly upset about the edits commented: “They didn’t just remove “filler” content, they removed integral, important, very memorable stuff, and this will only heighten those idiots that say the finale sucked.”

Did you watch the finale on Netflix? If you noticed any other scenes that were missing or if you saw the scenes listed above, please leave a comment below and let us know.