Who Gets Eliminated On Tonight’s Episode of ‘The Bachelor’? 1/11/2016

Who Gets Eliminated On Tonight's Episode of "The Bachelor"?

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, Reality Steve reports that two women get eliminated and one leaves on her own. Samantha Passmore and Jackie Dion both are eliminated and they each got the opportunity to participate in a group date during the episode. As far as Sam goes, during a compatibility lab, a blind-folded Ben Higgins has to sniff her and he says she smells "sour." Perhaps this was why he chose to send her home. In addition to Jackie and Sam, there's another contestant who leaves the show. Reality Steve states that Lauren Barr decides that the show is not what she expected and calls it quits during the rose ceremony after she is offered a rose by Higgins. For more information and spoilers on tonight's episode, click through our gallery of the best still shot photos from tonight's show. (ABC/Rick Rowell)